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When a dispatcher called back minutes later, Wood's wife, Elizabeth, answered the phone and asked police not to respond to their Farmington home.

"The last time they [police] came it didn't do me any damn favors," Elizabeth Wood told the dispatcher on Sept. 22.

Farmington police officers responded soon after the 9:20 a.m. call from Brian Wood, a 37-year-old part time Farmington firefighter.

When they arrived, Brian Wood fired a pistol shot into a utility trailer, initiating a day-long standoff. Twelve hours later, a SWAT team approached firing tear gas and pepper balls.

Wood's family said he had been stung by a Taser and was on the ground when an officer fired one rifle shot through Wood's head, killing him. Police have said Wood fired a pistol shot about the same time the officer fired. The Utah attorney general's office is investigating the case, and both it and Farmington police have released few details.

"I just beat and raped my wife," Brian Wood is heard saying in the 911 call. "Come get me."

Elizabeth Wood, through her attorney, John Cummings, said Tuesday that no beating or rape occurred. The Wood family and the attorney declined to give further comment.

Brian Wood hung up after telling police to come. In the tape of the call, a woman can be heard yelling in the background.

The 911 dispatcher called back moments later to ask what was happening. Elizabeth Wood answered and told the dispatcher she did not want police to come to their home.

"It's fine," Elizabeth Wood said. "His dad's here."

Police had been called to the couple's home during a prior domestic dispute on March 11.

On that occasion, Brian Wood refused to exit the house. But a negotiator persuaded Brian Wood to come outside about six hours later. He entered a plea in abeyance to a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

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