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Re "Four Utah measles cases confirmed; six more suspected" (Tribune, April 12):

I don't care what the laws are or what excuses parents use. Students who are not immunized are a public health menace. I am not blaming the students; the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of their irresponsible parents. My family lives in the epicenter of this measles outbreak. I have kids in two of the affected schools. All of my kids have had all their immunizations. Nonetheless, just that they were exposed can lead to them becoming ill (even if minor), and worse — possibly exposing others.

Does anyone care about the two pregnant teachers at Olympus High? What about teachers and staff who were born after 1957 and are unlikely to have been exposed to the disease and developed an immunity? I am outraged by the complacency of the schools and school districts. We've received several Robocalls assuring us that all is fine. This is not fine!

I hope that parents will come together and demand that public school admission laws be changed so that responsible families and innocent parties are not affected by these kinds of situations again.

Miriam Hyde

Salt Lake City

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