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A former Washington County library worker has filed a civil lawsuit alleging she was a victim of religious and sexual harassment while employed with the county.

Britton Lund is asking for at least $300,000 from the county, according to a lawsuit filed this week in 5th District Court.

According to court documents, Lund began working as the Washington County Library System director in December 2009. Lund alleges in the lawsuit that she was harassed by Washington County Administrator Dean Cox, and that her firing on May 5, 2012, was a result of her complaints of sexual and religious harassment.

According to court documents, Cox, who Lund believes is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, made "unwelcome religious statements" to Lund, who is described in court documents as a "non-Mormon." Statements allegedly made by Cox included inquiring about a "CTR [Choose The Right] ring," asking Lund if she was going to "fire all the Mormons" after Lund transferred a subordinate and comments made to co-workers about Lund being a "democratic, gay-loving liberal that would never succeed in this county."

Lund said Cox also sexually harassed her by making "unwanted gender-based comments," including alleged "double-entendre" comments that were sexual in nature, and telling Lund that she would be a good representative for the city because she was "attractive." Cox allegedly made comments to co-workers about Lund's appearance, according to the lawsuit.

County Commissioner Jim Erdley said Thursday that county officials deny the allegations, but he would not provide any details about Lund's employment or the reason why she was fired, citing personnel privacy issues.

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