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Fowl things in the refrigerator — including fresh fruit stored in duck blood — forced the Salt Lake County Health Department to close a South Salt Lake Asian barbecue restaurant last week.

Ho Mei BBQ, 3370 S. State, created "imminent health hazards" for consumers, according to a recent report on the department website.

Among the problems:

• Duck blood pooling on the walk-in cooler floor.

• Watermelon stored in a tray of duck blood.

• Various fresh fruits contaminated with duck blood.

• Fresh produce not washed before serving.

• Raw beef stored above produce.

• Noodles stored in the hand washing sink.

• No soap at employee hand sinks.

Ho Mei can reopen when problems are fixed and inspectors deem them safe for customers.

It was one of three eateries closed recently. Inspectors also shut down Tacos Amarillo #2, 1050 E. 2100 South — for operating without a functional hand washing sink and an approved permit — and Good Future Hot Pot restaurant, 285 E. 2700 South.

Good Future was cited for more than 50 violations, including "abundant critical violations," a report showed. Problems include:

• Rice left from customer bowls added back into rice steamer for reuse.

• Burnt cigarettes stored on a food preparation surface.

• Raw meat and chicken stored above food.

• Chicken being stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler.

• Milk past the discard date stored in refrigeration unit.

• Lawn care equipment and non-functional equipment stored on the premises.

• Dozens of live ants in the food storage room.

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