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Ogden residents overwhelmingly re-elected Mayor Mike Caldwell.

The dysfunctional West Jordan City Council lost one incumbent.

And South Salt Lake residents opposed a tax hike to create new parks.

These are but a few of the unofficial election results in municipal races throughout the state.

Ogden • In the only city with a mayor's race outside of the highly watched contest in Salt Lake City (where Jackie Biskupski has a nearly 5 percentage-point lead on Mayor Ralph Becker), Caldwell's bid for a second term was not nearly as tight a race. He claimed 80 percent of the votes, according to unofficial results released shortly after the polls closed. He defeated Sebastian Benitez.

West Jordan • The council in this bedroom community has battled itself all year, and it appears that at least one incumbent lost at the polls, according to unofficial results.

Councilwoman Judy Hansen received 48 percent to Dirk Burton's 52 percent.

Sophie Rice ended the night with a 3 percentage-point lead and Chris McConnehey was even more comfortable with an 8-point advantage.

The one lopsided race was the one without an incumbent. Zach Jacob claimed 62 percent of the votes over Tim McConnehey in early returns for District 3's race.

South Salt Lake • It may have been about buying Granite High, it may not. The bond election for parks here was rather vague. The City Council gave options but didn't specify what the $13 million raised would pay for beyond open space and parks. The voters rejected it. Early results show it going down 52 percent to 48 percent.

Herriman • Voters strongly rejected a plan to create a new $7 monthly fee on Herriman households that would be used to buy up the hillside from private land holders.

The plan would have annually raised $84 per family over the next 20 years to ensure that homes don't dot the land. It had the backing of nearby Camp Williams.

Voters had other ideas. Roughly 55 percent voted against the plan.

South Jordan • The only incumbent city councilman on the ballot went down in defeat and still has a defamation lawsuit to contend with.

Chuck Newton lost big to challenger Brad Marlor. Newton accused a one-time challenger, Andrew Petersen, of trying to bribe him to drop out of the race; in turn, Petersen has filed a lawsuit against Newton, saying the claims put him in a false light.

Newton claimed just 32 percent of the vote Tuesday.

The official canvass will take place on Nov. 17. These are unofficial results from Tuesday's municipal elections in Salt Lake County. Key to abbreviations • X-unofficial winner, (I)-incumbent, Inc-incomplete results.



Three at-large seats

Kenneth R. McCabe 267

Nancy Lord 584

X-Ty T. Nielsen (I) 699

X-Boyd Preece 718

X-James L. Wingate 805



District 1

Margarita Satini 576

X-Mike Shelton (I) 962

District 2

X-Scott Bracken (I) 713

Edward Schwartz 656


City Council

Three at-large seats

Bill Colbert (I) 2,234

Mani Grewal 2,276

Justin Poirier 754

X-Alan Summerhays (I) 2,554

X-Marsha R. Vawdrey (I) 3,086

X-Michele Weeks 3,170


City Council

District 1

X-Jared Henderson 449

Bethany Zeyer 331

District 4

X-Nicole Martin 751

David Watts 601

HillS Initiative

(Proposition 7)

For 1,938

X-Against 2,404


City Council

District 4

X-Steven Gunn (I) 1,080

Mitchell C. Smoot 341

District 5

J. James Palmer Jr. (I) 555

X-Mark H. Stewart 658


City Council

District 2

X-Paul C. Glover (I) 444

Sophia Hawes-Tingey 316


City Council

District 1

Tiffany Doncouse 596

X-David Nicponski (I) 693

District 5

X-Brett Hales (I) 1,386

Hal Johnson 561


City Council

District 2

Jason R. Best 579

X-Tricia Tingey (I) 708

District 5

X-Brent Johnson (I) 866

Perry H. Newman 506


City Council

District 2

X-Andrew Johnston 1,106

Van Turner 1,038

District 4

X-Derek Kitchen 2,137

Nate Salazar 1,997

District 6

Tracey Harty 2,368

X-Charlie Luke (I) 4,231


Ralph Becker (I) 15,840

X-Jackie Biskupski 17,290


City Council

District 2

X-Maren Barker 1,720

Dennis Tenney (I) 1,323

District 4

X-Chris McCandless (I) 2,148

Steven VanMaren 1,081

Two at-large seats

X-Steve Fairbanks (I) 6,810

Sean J. Kowallis 2,883

Jeff T. Orme 4,374

X-Linda M. Saville (I) 7,611


City Council

District 1

Thomas Geilmann 758

X-Patrick Harris 1,489

District 2

X-Brad Marlor 1,445

Chuck Newton (I) 686

District 4

John H. Geilmann 628

X-Tamara Zander 994


City Council

District 1

Lynn Black 204

X-Ben B. Pender 289

District 4

Johnny McConnell 249

X-Portia Mila 292

District 5

Jill L. Coil 138

X-L. Shane Siwik 165

At-large seat

Derk O. Pehrson 747

X-Mark C. Kindred 1,126

Bond Initiative

For 943

X-Against 1,021


City Council

District 1

X-Ernest G. Burgess (I) 678

Israel M. Grossman 389

District 2

X-Kristie Overson (I) 932

Glen W. Spencer 285

District 3

X-Brad Christopherson (I) 902

Richard T. Morley 295


City Council

District 1

X-Chris McConnehey (I) 1,625

Kevin L. Mertin 1,394

District 2

X-Dirk Burton 1,578

Judy Hansen (I) 1,475

District 3

X-Zach Jacob 1,136

Tim McConnehey 523

District 4

Alan Anderson 1,228

X-Sophie Rice (I) 1,308

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