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A man has been charged with killing a Salt Lake City woman, Shellise Geter, last month.

Mustafa Aldoma, 26, was charged Friday with murder, aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping in 3rd District Court. All of the charges are first-degree felonies that could carry a sentence of up to life in prison.

When sheriff's deputies arrested Aldoma in Fillmore on Jan. 26 for driving a pickup truck on a suspended license, he "spontaneously stated several times that he had killed a woman," according to the charges. "At one point he stated he, 'killed the girl who owned the truck.'"

Police contacted the registered owner, who said that only her 39-year-old granddaughter, Geter, has permission to use the truck, and that she had not heard from Geter for several days.

Salt Lake City police went to Geter's home, at 557 N. Sir Anthony Circle (1780 West), and discovered her body. Her wrists were bound and she had a ligature around her neck, according to the charges.

Investigators believed Geter had been dead for two to three days.

Geter and Aldoma were seen together at several Salt Lake County stores on Jan. 23, the charges add. The last time Geter used her phone was shortly after midnight on Jan. 24.

On Jan. 25, one of Geter's neighbors said he saw a man trying to drive Geter's pickup truck out of her driveway, but was struggling because of the snow, according to the charges. The neighbor came over and saw a lot of property in the truck, but when he asked the man what he was doing, the neighbor said he could not understand the man's answer.

The man then successfully pulled the truck out of the driveway and left, the charges add.

When officers later searched the truck, they found it was loaded with "a large amount" of Geter's property, including furniture, clothing and papers. Among the items, the officers found several of her prescription medications and about $26,000 in cash in several white envelopes, with dollar amounts written on the front of each, according to the charges.

Geter's acquaintances said she "had been showing off large amounts of money recently and that the money was in white envelopes with dollar amounts written on the front of each envelope," the charges read.

Aldoma was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail, where he was still being held Friday afternoon. At the time of the arrest, Salt Lake City Police Detective Richard Chipping said detectives were looking into how the two knew each other.

Court records show Aldoma has been charged with eight misdemeanor offenses, primarily criminal trespassing and drug possession convictions, beginning in late 2014.

Aldoma's first court appearance for the murder case has not yet been scheduled.

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