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A big thanks to Dr. Jeff Clawson for his op-ed ("U.'s halt of BYU series warranted by pattern of violence," Feb. 28). Clawson clearly spells out the reason for Dr. Chris Hill and Coach Larry Krystkowiak's actions in canceling the BYU/U. of U. basketball game.

Since the University of Utah isn't the only school that fears playing BYU, there is plenty of evidence that something needed to be done to focus on the safety of the players. I'm certain this was not an easy decision for the U. of U.'s athletic department, but it was a necessary one.

I believe Clawson's article should be required reading for all members of the Utah Legislature in light of the knee-jerk reaction as punishment to audit the University of Utah's Athletic Department. Each legislator should consider how they would feel if their son or daughter played against a BYU team known for this pattern of violence. Would they want them in that game?

Iva Dene McCleary

Salt Lake City