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I went to the Utah Capitol last week to hear members of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition present their argument in favor of the Bears Ears National Monument. It is clear to me that there is significant support for the monument among Utah's native tribes and Rep. Rob Bishop's portrayal of this group as "outsiders" is nothing short of an intentional misinformation campaign.

If designated, this monument will be the most deeply and truly "Native" of all federal, public land units. This will provide the best protection against the ongoing desecration of American Indian antiquities that are continually looted in areas accessible by ORV. It will ensure that the Bears Ears is managed with the greatest environmental sensitivity. The natural beauty and inspiration of this landscape will be forever preserved for ours and future generations to experience and enjoy.

Monument designation for these lands which are not only sacred for Utah's native communities, but are national and even global treasures, is the best means of stewardship for what we humans can narrow-mindedly destroy, but cannot create. Let's please protect and preserve, for future generations of all Americans, the wonders of the Bears Ears.

Matt Adolphson

Salt Lake City

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