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Drew and Jewel Allen fled to Tooele County four years ago in search of rural landscapes and country quiet. Instead, the couple is getting vrooms with their view.

The reason for the cranked-up volume: Larry H. Miller's brand-new world-class raceway.

Screaming motorcycles burning down straightaways and whining roadsters roaring up backstretches now greet the Allens' Sunday mornings.

"It's usually about 9 a.m. when we notice it," Jewel said Monday. "You hear it most when you want to enjoy the quiet."

The din several miles away from the Allens' home is especially galling, Drew explained, because they moved from West Valley City to Grantsville to get "away from the noise."

"It's annoying," he added.

Residents have peppered the Tooele Transcript Bulletin and The Salt Lake Tribune with letters griping about the racket.

Most decry the loss of the country stillness that, until now, has defined much of Tooele County.

Miller plans to meet with residents today at 6 p.m. at the speedway's clubhouse to hear their concerns and complaints.

He will also discuss plans to reduce the noise, according to raceway officials.

Most in Tooele County welcomed Miller's proposal for a first-rate racing facility. They viewed it as a way to drive up tourism and sales.

And, judging from the thousands who flocked to the races this past weekend, the sports park promises to be a major economic engine in this increasingly commuter county 30 miles west of Salt Lake City.

To build the facility, Miller had to meet county zoning requirements, including noise limits.

When county officials started to receive complaints, they began monitoring raceway sounds, said Nicole Cline, director of planning and economic development.

"The county engineer measured noise levels on Friday during the motorcycle races and the indication was that they are within noise levels [set by ordinance]," Cline said.

"We are working with the Miller folks to find a resolution to the problem. But it isn't something that's going to happen instantaneously," Cline said.

Tooele will commission an outside study aimed at mitigating the speedway noise in nearby neighborhoods, Cline added.

Miller met recently with county officials to discuss the raft of noise complaints, said Commissioner Dennis Rockwell, and then volunteered to huddle with residents.

"He said, 'How about if I have a town meeting and let them know what we're doing?' " Rockwell recalled. "He came up with it on his own."

Among other improvements, the speedway plans to landscape with earthen berms and vegetation to dampen race noise in neighborhoods close to the facility, Rockwell said.

The schedule for those improvements was unclear on Monday and Miller was not available for comment.

Residents sound off tonight

* Larry H. Miller plans to meet with residents about raceway noise concerns tonight at 6 in the clubhouse of his motor sports park on Sheep Lane south of Grantsville.

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