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Five people initially charged with kidnapping a Salt Lake City man are now facing additional homicide charges, which allege the victim was tortured at a home in West Valley City prior to being shot to death at Tooele County rock pit in September.

The victim, 38-year-old Jason Nakonechni, purportedly "had a falling out" with one of the defendants over drugs and money, and also was accused of being "a snitch," according to amended charges filed Tuesday in Salt Lake City's 3rd District Court.

The five, now charged with first-degree felony counts of murder in connection with Nakonechni's death on Sept. 4 are:

— Michael Shaine Snyder, 40, the only defendant charged with first-degree felony aggravated murder, which carries the potential of the death penalty. Snyder allegedly shot Nakonechni in the head at the rock pit.

— Corey Lee Petersen, 53, allegedly hired Snyder to bring Nakonechni to his West Valley City home, where Nakonechni was "tortured" and robbed.

— Rodney Neil Maxwell, 35, also was allegedly hired by Petersen to kidnap Nakonechni.

— Marilee JoAnn Borden, 43, who is Snyder's girlfriend, allegedly lured Nakonechni to a Salt Lake City motel, where he was beaten before being taken to Petersen's house.

— Allison Wells, 37, allegedly helped Borden lure Nakonechni to the motel room.

Charging documents state that in the early hours of Sept. 4, Borden brought Nakonechni to a motel room rented by Borden, where Wells, Snyder and Maxwell waited.

Once inside the room, Wells, Snyder and Maxwell violently beat Nakonechni, resulting in blood loss and the loss of several teeth, Borden later told police, according to charges.

Wells told police that after Nakonechni was taken to Petersen's home, he was "tortured." She described Maxwell punching Nakonechni with a closed fist, and Snyder "shoving a screwdriver into Mr. Nakonechni's ear," according to charges. Wells admitted she asked Nakonechni if he "snitched" on her, charges state.

Wells told police she fell asleep and woke up to find everyone gone from Petersen's, but that Petersen and Snyder returned a few hours later in Nakonechni's vehicle, charges state. Wells said that she "asked Snyder too many questions and that Snyder threatened to 'kill me too,' " charges state.

Petersen told police he had a dispute with Nakonechni over drugs and money, but that it was Maxwell who was concerned over the debt, and that Wells and Snyder felt Nakonechni was"a snitch," charges state.

Petersen said he and Snyder took Nakonechni to the rock pit Tooele County in Nakonechni's car, where he said Snyder used Petersen's gun to shoot Nakonechni "once in the head or face, and possibly a second time," charges state.

A confidential informant who told police he had spoken to both Petersen and Snyder claims he was told Nakonechni was forced to get on his knees before being killed.

When Petersen couldn't shoot Nakonechni, Snyder took the gun and shot him, the informant told police, according to charges.

Snyder told the informant that Nakonechni "would have died anyway" due to the injuries he suffered during the assaults at the motel and Petersen's home, charges state.

While driving away from the rock pit, Petersen said he and Snyder disassembled the gun and threw the pieces out the window, charges state.

The two also discussed setting fire to Nakonechni's vehicle, which was found abandoned and on fire in Salt Lake City on Sept. 5, charges state.

Nakonechni was reported missing by his mother Sept. 18. She had last seen him Sept. 2.

Police have said they found Nakonechni's body on Nov. 21 with the help of the suspects.