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Only experienced Republican politicians could effectively speak to Utah's one-party rule, so thank you Karl Snow and David Irvine for "The fruits of single-party government in Utah" (Opinion, Oct. 9).

They criticized Utah's single-party government: "No political party has a monopoly on virtue." Then they expressed concern about the state's contracting process. Gov. Gary Herbert needs to address this issue.

We need to change our ethical ranking from D- to A.

Snow and Irvine's six recommendations are worth repeating:

1. Admit there is a relationship between big campaign contributions and the expectation of big favors, and limit contributions.

2. Adopt the Illinois rule: If you contract with the state, you may not contribute more than $100 to a state campaign.

3. Do not allow bids to be jiggered. If you don't like a bid, restart the process.

4. No state property or employees should be involved in campaigning or fundraising.

5. State employees should not be involved with lobbyists.

6. Stop running campaigns through political action committees.

Importantly, the op-ed concludes that Utah's "one-party government, on auto-pilot, is not serving the taxpayer well."

Thank you for nurturing better fruits.

Bob Faux

Salt Lake City

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