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When Jordan Wynn first injured his shoulder, the Utah Utes said they'd know in two or three weeks if he could continue. It didn't take that long for the Utes to realize there would be no returning for Wynn this year. The Utes announced Monday Wynn will have surgery to repair his left shoulder, which he injured in Utah's loss to Washington. That he can't return this year is no surprise. Utah coach Kyle Whittingham was never very positive about Wynn's outlook and Wynn, who watched the Utes lose Saturday with his arm secured in a black sling, looked as far from being ready to return to the game as a player could. Now the offense is Jon Hays' to run. Sure he threw three interceptions Saturday, but overall I didn't think his play was horrible for a guy making his first start against a Top 25 team. He might be capable enough to lead the Utes, provided he and the other players cut down on turnovers. To me, the bigger question is what happens next with Wynn? There have to be some questions as to what is in store for Wynn. Already he was struggling with his throwing motion after the past shoulder injury. He also admitted that injury got to him a bit mentally too. Now, after yet another surgery, how will he return in both aspects? Can his shoulders be strong enough for him to be effective? Will he be willing to stand in the pocket? Can he ever make it through a season without a major injury? Those are a lot of questions that must be answered in the coming months. For now, the offense is Hays' with freshman Tyler Shreve waiting in the wings as the No. 2 quarterback. Next year, the Utes should have Travis Wilson, a 6-6 quarterback out of San Clemente, Calif., on their roster provided he doesn't back out of his commitment to the Utes. The Utes probably hope more than ever now he stays true to that commitment. They could need him, immediately.

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