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New York Knick veteran Chauncey Billups called the NBA owners' current proposal to end the ongoing lockout "a terrible deal" after he participated in Monday night's charity game at Salt Lake Community College.

During negotiations, Billups said, the players have been "trying our best ... to make some significant concessions."

But ownership wants more, Billups said, and the players find themselves in a position "that's not much fun."

Commissioner David Stern has set a Wednesday deadline for the union to accept the owners' offer, including a 51-49 band for basketball-related income.

According to president Derek Fisher, the union won't consider it, prompting some to suggest a players' vote on proposal.

"I just want to play ball," said Portland's Wesley Matthews, "and I trust that everybody's got that same feeling. The best decision will be made according to that."

Golden State's Stephen Curry believes the players must trust union leadership.

"They've been in the room the past three months," Curry said. "... So they know the ins and outs of the deal and whether it's a complete deal or not or it's just bits and pieces."

Fisher has summoned the league's 30 player representatives to a meeting in New York on Tuesday.

Minnesota's Anthony Tolliver played in the charity game in Utah but will attend.

"We're going to have a meeting and go from there — see if it's worth going to the rest of the guys and putting up a vote," he said.

One option for the union is to begin the decertification process.

Said Curry: "It's one of those situations where back in July it might have made sense. It still might make sense, but we've just got to get all of the voices in the room together and kind of just bounce ideas off of each other."

Also Monday, Yahoo! Sports reported Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Blake is making a behind-the-scenes effort to get the union to vote on the owners' proposal.

A source told The Salt Lake Tribune that Blake has contacted Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant and Portland forward LaMarcus Aldridge, among others, and both are open to the idea of pursuing a vote.

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