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I don't beg (all that often), but please watch "Downward Dog" (8:30 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4). It's a very charming, highly amusing new half-hour comedy about a dog and his owner.

Yes, the dog — Martin — talks. But only sort of. We hear his thoughts. He occasionally speaks to the camera (like on "Modern Family"). But he doesn't talk to people. Or cats. Or other dogs.

Anyway,there's a whole lot more about "Downward Dog" and why I love it if you click here. Oh, and here.


Elsewhere on TV ...

• "Survivor" (7 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): Only six castaways will still be in the game after two shocking tribal councils; castaways pour their hearts into a challenge that could be the key to their safety. A winner will be declared in next week's season finale.

• "The Goldbergs" (7 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): Erica feels like she's not ready to graduate; Barry's plans with Lainey fall apart; Dana surprises Adam. (Season finale)

• "Blindspot" (7 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5): The FBI copes with a tragedy; Jane faces an uncertain future. (Season finale)

• "Shots Fired" (7 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13): There's a shocking discovery about the Auxiliary Deputy program; a ruling is made in Ashe's custody case; Gov. Eamons makes a tough decision.

• "Arrow" (7 p.m., CW/Ch. 30): Black Siren returns to help Chase.

• MLS (7 p.m., KMYU): New York City FC at Real Salt Lake

• "Speechless" (7:30 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): The family prepares for their flight to J.J.'s camp. (Season finale)

• "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" (8 and 9 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): A woman is murdered while on a yoga retreat in Nepal; an American ballerina is kidnapped in Russia. (Series finale — it's been canceled)

• "Modern Family" (8 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): Luke and Manny graduate from high school. (Season finale)

• "Law & Order: SVU" (8 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5): A young woman is raped by a member of her church group.

• "NOVA" (8 p.m., PBS/Ch. 7): "Chinese Chariot Revealed" looks at design secrets that made chariots a war machine for hundreds of years.

• "Empire" (8 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13): Cookie seeks revenge on Giuliana.

• "The 100" (8 p.m., CW/Ch. 30): Jaha and Kane disagree; Clarke tries to save a friend.

• "Brockmire" (8 p.m., IFC): Brockmire must choose between staying in Morristown or returning to the major leagues. (Season finale)

• "Designated Survivor" (9 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): Hannah Wells tries to prevent a final attack; Kirkman authorizes a nationwide manhunt for the mastermind behind the conspiracy. (Season finale)

• "Chicago P.D." (9 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5): Lindsay's mother, Bunny, becomes a murder suspect when her boyfriend is shot; high school students overdose on drugs; Lindsay finds herself up against the review board.

• "Food — Delicious Science" (9 p.m., PBS/Ch. 7): How the chemistry in food affects the brain and creates cravings.

• "Fargo" (11 p.m., FX): Nikki and Ray's retaliation has consequences for Emmit; Gloria and Winnie start connecting the dots.

• "Archer" (11 p.m, FXX): Archer and Trexler try to escape a rampaging Dutch.

• "Gomorrah" (11 p.m., Sundance): Pietro decides to target O'Principe, the most respected boss.

• "Nobodies" (11 p.m., TV Land): Hugh's romance with Sam heats up, which annoys Rachel.

• "Lopez" (11:30 p.m., TV Land): George appears on a Latino talk show hosted by a clown.

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