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Matt McKell, a biologist with the UDWR's Flaming Gorge Project, sent in this report.

Looking out the window and seeing the snow falling reminds me winter is on its way to Flaming Gorge country. However, this past Tuesday was a beautiful, clear day, so I took an opportunity to float the Green River with friend and local fishing guide, Ryan Kelly. We put in at Little Hole and floated all of B Section to the take-out at Indian Crossing in Browns Park. Except for of a lack of sunshine in the canyon during portions of the float, the temperature was just about right, considering it's late November. And the fishing was fantastic. Healthy rainbows seemed very willing to take the fly, as well as the occasional brown trout. And the 'bows almost always put on a display upon being hooked, excitedly jumping out of the water demonstrating their acrobatic prowess. The fish readily took egg patterns, but a couple even went after the large dry fly on the surface, intended primarily as a strike indicator. Of course, portions of B are known to hold some impressive trout, more so than are typically found on the A Section, so I tried to be ready for one at any moment. Ryan caught some dandy browns (see pics), almost like he knew them by location and name! Just to be clear, Ryan gave me every chance I wanted before I let him have his turn, so don't think he was elbowing me out of his way or anything like that. It was a great day, and I actually learned a lot. Thanks and nice job, Ryan. One unexpected thing, that neither of us had ever seen, was a golden eagle sitting in the river just above Grasshopper Island (see pics). It posed long enough for a quick photo, then made a rapid departure. Quite a sight! I guess you really never know what you'll see on the river!

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