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Vent stick air freshener, patent No. D650,892, invented by Alan J. Wheatley of Draper, and Aaron Irvin of Salt Lake City, assigned to American Covers, Inc. of Bluffdale.

Interlocking system for hanging decorative lights and fixtures, patent No. 8,079,739, invented by James M. Cooper of Layton.

Apparatus and method for baggage check and promotional advertisement, patent No. 8,079,164, invented by Freddy Versteeg of Sandy, assigned to Versteeg; Freddy of Sandy.

Firearm having an improved firing pin locking mechanism, patent No. 8,079,168, invented by Marc Lesenfants of Morgan, assigned to Browning of Morgan.

Drill bit having rotational cutting elements and method of drilling, patent No. 8,079,431, invented by Craig H. Cooley of Saratoga Springs, Jeffery B. Lund of Cottonwood Heights, and Jair J. Gonzalez of Provo, assigned to U.S. Synthetic Corporation of Orem.

Vibratory milling machine having linear reciprocating motion, patent No. 8,079,647, invented by Jing James Yao of Mississauga, Calif., Robert Eugene Able of Bozeman, Mont., and Thomas J. Oothoudt of Little Falls, Minn., assigned to Longyear TM Inc. of South Jordan.

Submersible pump having a two-step control hydraulic valve, patent No. 8,079,831, invented by Kenneth John Stoddard of Santaquin, assigned to Smith International, Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Playground equipment, patent No. 8,079,915, invented by Don Spencer of Ogden, Jacob Kearl of Plain City, and Carl R. Stanford of Clearfield, assigned to Lifetime Products, Inc. of Clearfield.

Golf club head with undercut, patent No. 8,079,919, invented by Ryan L. Roach of Carlsbad, Calif., and Christopher B. Best of Park City, assigned to Cobra Golf Incorporated of Carlsbad, Calif.

Trapping of intravenous needle associated with a long catheter, and related methods, patent No. 8,079,979, invented by H. Robert Moorehead of Salt Lake City, assigned to Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc. of Maple Grove, Minn.

Valved catheters, including high flow rate catheters, patent No. 8,079,987, invented by H. Robert Moorehead of Salt Lake City, and Brian J. Bergeron of Worcester, Mass., assigned to Navilyst Medical, Inc. of Marlborough, Mass.

Laparoscopic surgical instrument, patent No. 8,080,004, invented by Earl Downey of Salt Lake City, Stephen B. Carter of Poway, Calif., Kenneth A. Gross of Northridge, Calif., Darrin I. Schmuckle of San Marcos, Calif., and Robson L. Splane, Jr. of Valley Center, Calif., assigned to Downey; Earl of Salt Lake City.

Stent, stent removal and repositioning device, and associated methods, patent No. 8,080,053, invented by Pankaj Satasiya of Charlotte, N.C., and Eric K. Mangiardi of Charlotte, N.C., assigned to Merit Medical Systems, Inc. of South Jordan.

Polycrystalline diamond compact, methods of fabricating same, and applications therefor, patent No. 8,080,071, invented by Michael A. Vail of Genola, assigned to US Synthetic Corporation of Orem.

Polycrystalline diamond compacts, and related methods and applications, patent No. 8,080,074, invented by Mohammad N. Sani of Orem, assigned to US Synthetic Corporation of Orem.

Functional fluid and a process for the preparation of the functional fluid, patent No. 8,080,225, invented by Theodore E. Dickinson of Huffman, Texas, David J. Parkinson of Clevedon, United Kingdom, and Kevin E. Collier of Kaysville, assigned to Specialist Process Technologies Limited of Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Method for the early detection of pancreatic cancer and other gastrointestinal disease conditions, patent No. 8,080,373, invented by A. Robert Bauer, Jr. of Summit Park.

System and method for storing and releasing energy, patent No. 8,080,972, invented by David S. Smith of Woodland Hills, assigned to Goal Zero LLC of Bluffdale.

Method and systems for routing items to resources, patent No. 8,082,159, invented by Mark Stafford of West Valley City, David C. Annesley-DeWinter of Issaquah, Wash., Ryan Hauert of Murray, and Cameron C. Liljenquist of Salt Lake City, assigned to Extend Health, Inc. of Burlingame, Calif.

Direct synthesis of audio clock from a video clock via phase interpolation of a dithered pulse, patent No. 8,082,462, invented by Reed P. Tidwell of Centerville, assigned to Xilinx, Inc. of San Jose, Calif.

Portable water pumping station, patent No. D650,814, invented by Dennis B. Brown of Logan, Richard O. Evans of Hyrum, and Gary A. Cruikshank of Ferndale, Wash., assigned to Aquamira Technologies, Inc. of Logan.

Exercise bar apparatus, patent No. D650,873, invented by Douglas C. Terry of Salt Lake City.

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