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If you think it's all glamour, all the time, at the Sundance Film Festival, read the observations of photographer Jim Urquhart.

Urquhart, a former staffer at The Salt Lake Tribune, worked this year for Reuters to cover the red-carpet lines at Sundance. Working Sundance, Urquhart wrote in a Reuters blog, "is more like a triathlon in terms of photo work. The days can be long, you have to use different photographic skill sets and there's a bit of competition for pictures."

It's a lot of hard work and long hours, going from movie premiere to movie premiere. There's also a lot of down time, which Urquhart said he filled playing "Angry Birds" on his iPhone.

He also had to learn how to get the attention of celebrities, when every photographer is shouting at them. One line that worked: "Right here with the most sexy photographer," which got Oscar winner Melissa Leo to turn toward Urquhart, giving him the face time he needed for a good shot.

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