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Portable workstation, patent No. 8,127,690, invented by Joe D. Baughman of Leeds.

Techniques for multilingual password challenge response, password reset, and/or password recovery, patent No. 8,132,265, invented by Jay D. Wootton of Lindon, and Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, assigned to Novell, Inc. of Provo.

Compensating for temperature effects in a health monitoring system, patent No. 8,127,610, invented by V. John Mathews of Salt Lake City, assigned to The Boeing Co. of Chicago, Ill.

Nitrous oxide/methanol injection system, patent No. 8,127,751, invented by James Atherley of Pleasant Grove.

Well completion plugs with degradable components, patent No. 8,127,856, invented by Randall W. Nish of Provo, Randy A. Jones of Park City, and Jason Jon Vogel of Sandy, assigned to Exelis Inc. of McLean, Va.

Hydro-percussive mechanisms for drilling systems, patent No. 8,127,864, invented by George Ibrahim of Mississauga, Calif., and Christopher L. Drenth of Draper, assigned to Longyear TM, Inc. of South Jordan.

Bullet trap, patent No. 8,128,094, invented by Kyle Bateman of Provo, Thomas Marshall of Lakeshore, and David Bassett of Provo, assigned to Action Target Inc. of Provo.

Systems and methods for providing a tracking system, patent No. 8,128,520, invented by Kent H. Miner of Lehi.

Cable-based orthopedic bracing system, patent No. 8,128,587, invented by Craig G. Stevenson of Logan, and Jarvis K. Parry of Providence, assigned to SP Design, LLC of Logan.

System and method for delivery conformation and removal of intramedullary bone fixation devices, patent No. 8,128,626, invented by Daniel F. Justin of Logan, assigned to Flexfix, LLC of North Logan.

Segmented intramedullary system and apparatus, patent No. 8,128,627, invented by Daniel F. Justin of Logan, Karen E. Mohr of Salt Lake City, Carlyle J. Creger of River Heights, Jeremy D. Borchert of Logan, James D. Stoneburner of Santa Clara, Calif., Mojan Goshayesh of Atherton, Calif., Matthew T. Harmon of Santa Cruz, Calif., Roelof Trip of Suwanee, Ga., and Charles E. Larsen of Tampa, Fla., assigned to Sonoma Orthopedic Products, Inc. of Santa Rosa, Calif.

Spine distraction implant, patent No. 8,128,663, invented by James F. Zucherman of San Francisco, Calif., Ken Y. Hsu of San Francisco, Calif., T. Wade Fallin of Hyde Park, and Henry A. Klyce of Piedmont, Calif., assigned to Kyphon SARL of Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same, patent No. 8,128,692, invented by David C. Forster of Menlo Park, Calif., Scott Heneveld of Whitmore, Calif., Brandon Walsh of Syracuse, and Richard Ginn of Gilroy, Calif., assigned to AorTx, Inc. of Redwood City, Calif.

Method for forming a shielded gate trench FET, patent No. 8,129,241, invented by Scott L. Hunt of West Jordan, assigned to Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation of South Portland, Maine.

Methods of gene therapy using nucleic acid sequences for ATP-binding cassette transporter, patent No. 8,129,353, invented by Rando Allikmets of Frederick, Md., Kent L. Anderson of Houston, Texas, Michael Dean of Frederick, Md., Mark Leppert of Salt Lake City, Richard A. Lewis of Houston, Texas, Yixin Li of Houston, Texas, James R. Lupski of Houston, Texas, Jeremy Nathans of Baltimore, Md., Amir Rattner of Baltimore, Md., Noah F. Shroyer of Houston, Texas, Nanda Singh of Salt Lake City, Philip Smallwood of Woodbine, Md., and Hui Sun of Baltimore, Md., assigned to Baylor College of Medicine of Houston, Texas.

Indole derivatives as histamine 3 receptor inhibitors for the treatment of cognitive and sleep disorders, obesity and other CNS disorders, patent No. 8,129,424, invented by Youssef L. Bennani of Boston, Mass., Michael G. Campbell of Thunder Bay, Calif., David Dastrup of Orem, and Emilie Porter Huck of Sudbury, Mass., assigned to Athersys, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio.

Front F, altissimo G key for saxophone, patent No. 8,129,605, invented by Ralph William Ursulich of Orem.

Semiconductor devices and methods for making the same, patent No. 8,129,778, invented by Suku Kim of South Jordan, James J. Murphy of South Jordan, and Gary Dolny of Mountain Top, Pa., assigned to Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation of San Jose, Calif.

Drill bit with an electrically isolated transmitter, patent No. 8,130,117, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Paula Turner of Pleasant Grove, and Christopher Durrand of Pleasant Grove, assigned to Schlumberger Technology Corporation of Houston, Texas.

Wired tool string component, patent No. 8,130,118, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Scott Dahlgren of Alpine, and Paul Schramm of Provo, assigned to Schlumberger Technology Corporation of Houston, Texas.

System and method for resolving visual priority among coincident primitives, patent No. 8,130,222, invented by Russell Joseph Urry of West Jordan, assigned to Rockwell Collins Simulation and Training Solutions LLC of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Measuring hematocrit and estimating hemoglobin values with a non-invasive, optical blood monitoring system, patent No. 8,130,369, invented by Louis LeeGrande Barrett of West Point, David Wayne Peterson of Clinton, and Kristian Allen Sammann of Murray, assigned to Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. of Waltham, Mass.

Method for timing a pulsed communication system, patent No. 8,130,680, invented by William K. McIntire of Sandy, Larry S. Thomson of Bountiful, and David H. Robbins of Bountiful, assigned to L-3 Communications, Corp. of New York, N.Y.

Nondestructive device and method for evaluating ultra-hard polycrystalline constructions, patent No. 8,130,903, invented by Loel Corbett of Saratoga Springs, and Ronald K. Eyre of Orem, assigned to Smith International, Inc. of Houston, Texas.

Liquid-cooled aperture body in an X-ray tube, patent No. 8,130,910, invented by Jason W. Davies of Cottonwood Heights, Gregory C. Andrews of Draper, George Benjamin Naseath of West Jordan, Lincoln Curtis Jolley of Stansbury Park, Richard Alma Keyes of West Valley City, and Ricky Burnett Smith of Sandy, assigned to Varian Medical Systems, Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif.

Methods for obtaining complex data in an interactive voice response system, patent No. 8,130,929, invented by T. Clay Wilkes of North Salt Lake, and Richard T. Newton of Syracuse, assigned to Galileo Processing, Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Automated skin electrical resistance measurement device and method, patent No. 8,131,355, invented by James Hoyt Clark of Orem.

Construction, manipulation, and comparison of a multidimensional semantic space, patent No. 8,131,741, invented by Delos C. Jensen of Orem, and Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, assigned to Novell Intellectual Property Holdings, Inc. of Seattle, Wash.

Techniques for recognizing multiple patterns within a string, patent No. 8,131,758, invented by Cameron Craig Morris of Saratoga Springs, Lloyd Leon Burch of Payson, and Srinivas Vedula of Orem, assigned to Novell, Inc. of Provo.

Auditing a website with page scanning and rendering techniques, patent No. 8,132,095, invented by Robert K. Seolas of Alpine, John Pestana of Orem, J. Tyler Broadbent of Lehi, and Richard A. Zinn of Murrieta, Calif., assigned to ObservePoint LLC of Provo.

Distributed dynamic security capabilities with access controls, patent No. 8,132,261, invented by Michel S. Simpson of American Fork, William D. Peterson, III of Provo, Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, Nathan B. Jensen of Spanish Fork, and William Street of Orem, assigned to Oracle International Corporation of Redwood City, Calif.

Packaging tray, patent No. D655,165, invented by Steven D. Jensen of South Jordan, and Jack Ronald Nichols of American Fork.

Vented flushable catheter assembly, patent No. D655,406, invented by Yiping Ma of Layton, S. Ray Isaacson of Roy, Marty L. Stout of South Jordan, Weston F. Harding of Lehi, and Ralph L. Sonderegger of Farmington, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Company of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Method and apparatus for enhancing an image using data optimization and segmentation, patent No. RE43,225, invented by Dennis L. Parker of Centerville, Andrew L. Alexander of Madison, Wis., John A. Roberts of Salt Lake City, and Brian E. Chapman of San Diego, Calif., assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Everett Robinson, who is an attorney registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, compiles this list weekly for The Salt Lake Tribune. Robinson can be reached at 801-649-5858.

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