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The University of Utah's Book Arts program turns out creative artists, but one of its greatest benefits is in bringing the art of books to the hoi polloi. And there's no better way to do that than by educating educators in book binding.

On Saturday, April 28, highly trained artist/instructors will offer tips for making books out of trash, including egg cartons, CD cases, candy tins, and North Korean ballistic missile parts (ha, ha).

According to the class description for Don't Throw It Away—Bind It Today, students will learn to make books from the stuff of landfills. "These creative book forms, fashioned from inexpensive and easily found objects, can be taught to a wide range of ages and are sure spark creative ingenuity."

The class is Saturday, April 28, and the fee is underwritten for teachers.

For information (or if you are not a teacher but a trash-bibliophile), call the Book Arts Studio, 801-585-9191 or email

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