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I was raised Catholic. Not Mel Gibson-Catholic, but it was a strict household. My father was actually in the seminary for a time, and I thank God that his eventually broke his vow of celibacy so that I could be born.

I was the stereotypical guilty Catholic as a kid, and one day I went to the local record store to buy Guns n' Roses "Appetite for Destruction." As I listened to the album, I was frightened at what I was hearing and was afraid God would damn me to hell for listening to the debachery.

So I went back to the record store and complained that the cassette I had purchased was broken. The record store owner offered to exchange it for another copy, but I was too scared to accept it, thinking I didn't want to spend eternity with Satan. So, instead, I asked if I could just accept the recently released Fat Boys album. I am still ashamed.

Here is one of the better GNR covers on the punk-covers album "The Spaghetti Incident?," made even better because Axl sings it like he's British, rather than from Indiana:

Here is the original, from the UK Subs:

And here is a live version from GNR:

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