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New charges have been filed against a suspect in the slaying of a 15-year-old Riverton girl whose body was found earlier this year in the Jordan River — but murder charges have yet to materialize.

Daniel Robert Ferry, 31, faces felony charges of aggravated kidnapping and witness tampering for allegedly forcing a woman to stand in front of a dart board while someone threw darts at her as "revenge" for money he said she owed him.

Ferry is one of three men police have identified as suspects in the March death of Anne Kasprzak.

According to documents filed Tuesday in 3rd District Court, Ferry called a woman identified only as M.D. on March 9 — a day before police say he was involved in Kasprzak's murder — and said that another woman, S.H., owed him money.

Ferry allegedly said he wanted "$200 worth of revenge" from S.H. and threatened M.D.'s parents and children if she "did not comply with his orders."

Court documents state that Ferry offered drugs to another person to bring S.H. to him. When the woman arrived, Ferry hit her in the head, knocking her unconscious, and then dragged her into a house where he continued to beat her, according to court documents.

Ferry allegedly told M.D. she had two hours to get the money from S.H. According to court documents, M.D. was ordered to tie the woman's hands and feet and to take her to another home, where M.D. was forced to throw darts at her.

At some point, M.D. and another person beat S.H., shaved her head and then sent pictures of the injuries to Ferry "to prove that she was complying with his orders and [to ask] if that was enough," court documents state.

Ferry was locked up in the Salt Lake County jail for an unrelated traffic incident and later because his bail bond company revoked a $10,000 bond on drug charges he's facing in an unrelated matter. A judge has granted prosecutors' requests to restrict his visitation, mail and phone privileges after two people who said they were private detectives working for Ferry showed up at M.D.'s house to ask about "the girl whose head was shaved," according to court documents.

"Restricting [Ferry's] means of communication will serve a legitimate governmental interest by precluding his ability to communicate with the witnesses and victim in this case and will prevent further witness tampering or potential witness retaliation," prosecutors wrote in their motion.

Police say Ferry, of Sandy, and Veanuia Vehekite, 30, of Stansbury Park, each played a role in Kasprzak's slaying in March.

Draper police interviewed a witness who allegedly saw Ferry physically assault Kasprzak at a south valley home after she refused to have sex with him, according to a probable cause statement filed with the Salt Lake County jail.

One probable cause statement alleges that Vehekite assisted in removing Kasprzak's unconscious body from Ferry's home. The witness said Kasprzak was alive, but unconscious when she was carried away in a tarp from the home by Vehekite and another male, who is not named in the statement.

Police allege Ferry, Vehekite, and the other man left the home and returned with their clothing "all bloodied a few hours later," the statement shows.

Vehekite declined an interview request by The Salt Lake Tribune. Ferry's family said he's been advised not to comment to the media on his pending criminal cases.

Kasprzak's family said they last saw her on the evening of March 10. Her parents reported her missing that night after discovering she was gone from their Riverton home.

At 10 a.m. the next day, a passer-by found blood and a shoe near a footbridge over the Jordan River at about 12600 South. Officers in a helicopter later spotted a body with a matching shoe in the river a bit downstream from the bridge.

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