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Bob Dylan Birthday BashSpotlight show • The 2nd Annual Bob Dylan Birthday Bash — he turns 71 on May 24 — includes performances by The Folka Dots, Ryan Tanner, The Trappers, Vena Cava and more. "I wouldn't be playing any music at all if he wasn't around," said Marie Bradshaw of The Folka Dots. "Everybody I've been influenced by has been influenced pretty profoundly by him. I don't even want to think about what wouldn't be around if he wasn't." Bronk Onion of the band, which will be performing "Girl of the North Country" and others, said: "His influence is more than just the songs he writes, but his approach to music, and how he always does what he feels he wants to do without worrying about how people will receive it. His attitude has been influential." And Kiki Sieger added: "His catalog is so diverse. So many bands have been influenced by him and at the [bash] you'll definitely see a bunch of different genres reflecting that influence." The Trappers will be performing "Forever Young," "I Shall Be Released" (dedicated to Levon Helm), "Like A Rolling Stone" and others, said Dan Buehner of The Trappers. "I will never be able to get enough of Bob Dylan — his catalog is so deep and untouchable," he said. "The first two Dylan albums I got into were "Nashville Skyline" and "Blonde On Blonde," which are both amazing, but totally different from one another which makes him such a genius. After hearing those two albums I knew I needed more. It was like an addiction, I had to hear everything."When • Thursday, May 24 at 8 p.m.Where • The Garage, 1199 N. Beck St., Salt Lake CityTickets • Free

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