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Amazing that Real Salt Lake forward Fabian Espindola can still work so hard on the field. The native Argentine just became a proud father for the first time, to a baby boy named Jayko.

Q: Are you getting much sleep?

A: Not much. … But not because he's not sleeping. Just because when he makes some noise, I'm just awake.

Q: Isn't that hard, when you need to be so fit for your job?

A: It is, a little bit. But it's all right. I take naps. When my wife's awake, I'm asleep. For sure.

Q: So in all that spare time you have now, what do you like to do?

A: Just take care of my baby. Watch some movies, if I can. That's it, pretty much. Stay home.

Q: What's your favorite movie?

A: Action, comedies … some romantic movies.

Q: Wait, what? What's your favorite romantic movie?

A: I have to say this?

Q: No, not if you don't want to. But then what is your favorite movie, in general?

A: That is so difficult. Do you have one favorite movie?

Q: Hey, we're asking the questions here.

A: OK. … "Braveheart."

Q: Your career has taken you to Venezuela and Ecuador, in addition to Argentina. What's the biggest difference here in the United States?

A: Here is like another world. It's so safe here. Lifestyle is so much better here. You can raise your kids.

Q: Sounds like some other places have been dangerous?

A: Not always, but yeah, sometimes. Some places, you know, you can't go dressed in a certain way, or wearing certain stuff.

Q: You like music, right? What's on your iPod?

A: Cumbia, reggaeton, salsa. Almost everything.

Q: How would you describe yourself off the field, in one word?

A: Oh, you're killing me with this! … Hard-working.

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