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Jazz general manager Kevin O'Connor returns from EUROCAMP 2012 on Wednesday to begin his final preparations for the June 28 draft. Reached in Treviso, Italy, on Tuesday, O'Connor compared EUROCAMP 2012 with the NBA's predraft camp in Chicago, except it showcases foreign players."There are a bunch of good players here — all draft-eligible age," O'Connor said. "Some of them are in the draft and some aren't. But it's been a good chance to see these guys."The Jazz do not own a first-round pick this year. Barring a trade, Utah's lone pick will be No. 47 overall, making it just past the midway point in the second round.Asked if he planned to bring any players to Utah for pre-draft workouts in the next two weeks, O'Conner hinted it was not priority."We've tried do our homework early on guys," he said. "We've interviewed them. We've seen them play. The biggest thing is to be prepared on every level and I think we will be."Six teams own a pair first-round pick in the draft, which creates more trade talk than usual, O'Connor said.Teams with two first-round picks include New Orleans (Nos. 1 and 10), Cleveland (Nos. 4 and 24), Portland (Nos. 6 and 11), Golden State (Nos. 8 and 30), Houston (Nos. 14 and 16) and Boston (Nos. 21 and 22).O'Connor downplayed the possibility of the Jazz making a trade to get into the first round: "Everybody is going to be asking for the moon and the stars." Referring to Utah's young nucleus of Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks and Enes Kanter, O'Connor said. "... We've got four lottery picks from the last two years. So unless we find something we really like, we really don't want to disturb things too much." — Steve Luhm

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