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You might remember Josh Fox and his 2010 Sundance Film Festival documentary "Gasland," a whimsical but hard-hitting look at the natural gas industry's technique called "hydraulic fracturing," or "fracking," and how it demonstrated the dangers to groundwater of this type of extraction.

Or you might remember it as that one movie where the guy set his tap water on fire.

Fox has a follow-up, an 18-minute short film called "The Sky Is Pink," that revisits the issue — and aims directly at New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — who may soon have to decide whether to allow "fracking" on a gas plain in upstate New York.

Fox uses damning evidence from the industry's own secret memos, to dispute the claims that "fracking" is safe and the incidents Fox showed in "Gasland" were aberrations and not connected to the natural gas industry.

Fox also points out that the PR firm that the natural gas industry has hired to defend "fracking" is the same firm that for years argued the tobacco industry's case that smoking wasn't dangerous — and that the natural gas industry pumps millions in campaign contributions, both at the state and federal level.


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