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Green River Fly Fishing Report for July 5th, 2012 from Ryan Kelly with Flaming Gorge Resort Flows: around 1500 during the day.Hatches: PMD's, Yellow Sallies, Caddis, and terrestrials.I continued to take advantage of the great dry fly fishing this week. I didn't nymph fish at all. Hatches remain strong and the fish are still as healthy as I've ever seen them. Some to the point where they are becoming engorged. I watched Ryan Mosely, a Utah fisheries biologist, do a necropsy on a B section rainbow this week and this was some of his observation.

"Upon opening the fish, it was obvious the hind gut was larger than normal. I examined the entire digestive tract and did not see anything out of the ordinary, with exception to a very large volume of food items. I've actually never seen fish this "full", especially in the Green River. Food contents included mostly scuds and stoneflies, followed by ants, snails, some fish remains, and vegetation."

I have also received a lot of comments recently from long time guests about how hard the fish are fighting. The fish are full and full of energy.

Sallies are #12-14, Caddis #14 and are a dark gray wing with a black body, PMD's are yellow #14. We used some hoppers as well this week with some success. July 4th is family time. I included a couple of pics of the Harrison family whom I enjoyed the day with earlier this week. good times and dancing lines, Ryan

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