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WSJ takes on Romney. Mayoral ballots still coming in. Bishop's Germany ties.

Happy Friday. The Wall Street Journal takes on Mitt Romney's insular campaign staff in an editorial saying he's squandering opportunities to take on President Barack Obama and making mistakes that could cost him in November:

-> "The Romney campaign thinks it can play it safe and coast to the White House by saying the economy stinks and it's Mr. Obama's fault. We're on its email list and the main daily message from the campaign is that "Obama isn't working." Thanks, guys, but Americans already know that. What they want to hear from the challenger is some understanding of why the President's policies aren't working and how Mr. Romney's policies will do better." [WSJ]

-> Piling on, conservatives raise eyebrows at Romney's confusing healthcare and immigration messages and display doubts about his campaign. [Reuters] [CNN] Amid critisism from pundints, Romney adds more campaign experts to his team. [WaPost]

Topping the news: Absentee ballots continue to trickle in for the Salt Lake County mayoral GOP race. After they're all in, a recount is imminent. [Trib]

-> A feature by The Tribune's former intern Laura Schmitz on Rep. Rob Bishop and how his time in Germany as an LDS missionary has helped shape his political career. [Trib]

-> The chief of staff for former-Sen. Bob Bennett got "VIP" housing loans while her boss was working against reforming the mortgage industry. [Trib]

Tweet of the day: From @RealClearScott: "'What Romney really needs is operatives with national experience,' an operative with national experience said."

Happy birthday: To former Ogden Police Chief Jon Greiner.

In other news: Paul Rolly talks about a second chance for a fired school official, Utah missionaries spreading the word of Romney and unofficial representatives of the LDS Church. [Trib]

-> An app that helps LDS Church members find others could be used for political purposes. [ABC4]

-> Utah public land lawyers say the federal government enforced a law that hasn't been passed yet. [KUTV]

-> Democratic candidate for Governor Peter Cooke says Gov. Gary Herbert needs to be more strict on firework restrictions. [KUTV]

-> The Trib's Thomas Burr talks about the political implications of the western wildfires. [KCPW]

-> Jared Whitley says politicians can learn a lot from American Idol, mainly that charisma goes a long way. [UtahPolicy]

-> Bryan Schott and Bob Bernick discuss Herbert's response to the wildfires and the coming turnover in the Utah Legislature in their weekly videocast. [UtahPolicy]

-> Bernick also advocates for term limits for state lawmakers. [UtahPolicy]

-> The Division of Air Quality teams up with businesses and the public to devise new plans to keep air pollution down. [KCPW]

-> Pat Bagley's take on the role of money in politics. [Trib]

2012 watch: Ann Romney hints her husband may be eyeing a women for the VP position. [TheHill]

-> Clouds may be parting for Obama as optimistic jobs report is released. [TheHill]

-> The president hits the road after the holiday, touring battleground states. [TheHill]

-> In June fundraising, Romney once again out raises Obama. [Reuters]

-> Romney plans a huge ad-buy during the London Olympics. Obama, not as much, but he does have a spot during the opening ceremonies. [CNN]

-> Is the 2012 campaign "boring?" A poll says Republicans find the race "dull." [WaPost]

Where are they?

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon is in Yuzowa, Japan.

President Barack Obama is on a bus tour of Ohio and this morning visits Summer Garden Food Manufacturing and later speaks at two campaign events. The president later returns to the White House where he signs legislation on transportation funding and student loan rates and then he heads to Camp David for the weekend.

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