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Selected Tweets from the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif. - and a few additional comments - from Thursday, July 26.

• Lack of Twitter prevented snarky tweets during #ABCNews session. VERY frustrating.

OMG, who would have thought I would become dependent on Twitter?!?!?

• After pontificating on credibility, #ABCNews prez Ben Sherwood sez Kelly Ripa, women of "The View" will sub for Robin Roberts.

You can't make that sort of thing up. It's just too weird.

• BTW, #ABCNews prez wanted to talk about #GMA being No. 1. Didn't want to talk about false report linking Colo. shooting/Tea Party.

Of course, critics kept asking about the latter, not the former.

• #KatIeCouric is here. They're showing a clip of celebrities praising her. And Katie sez she's not all the impressed with celebrities.

Sure. Bet she won't have any on her new daytime talk show, right?

• Katie Couric here without producer Jeff Zucker. Smart move, given that many critics (including me) blame Zucker for destroying NBC.

There's a reason we used to refer to Zucker as Zippy the Pinhead.

• Katie Couric sez a quarter of American adults are caring for an aging parent. Including my children. #HerniatedDisc #Ow!

One daughter had to help me get my shoes and socks on. Another daughter claimed I was "milking" it. Guess which one is out of the will?

• Couric would love to be in a Broadway musical. And go out with George Clooney.

Neither seems particularly likely.

• In her high-school musical, "Carnival," #KatieCouric cast as a deaf-mute. So maybe more chance of getting date with #GeorgeClooney.

Not much chance. But more chance.

• #KatieCouric sez it was "really hard for me to understand some of the vitriol that was unleashed" by viewers when she was at CBS.

It's easily explainable. There are still a lot of sexists out there.

• #KatieCouric has invited Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Mr. and Mrs. Romney, and Sarah Palin to appear on her show. No response yet.

• From my pal Bill Harris: Meanwhile, #SarahPalin has invited #KatieCouric to take a long walk off a short pier

Although I'm not sure. After showing up at a TCA party the other night, it seems clear that Palin is desperate for whatever attention she can get.

• #KatieCouric sez her "heart broke" over the whole #AnnCurry debacle.

I hope she was sincere.

• Up next from #ABC, it's dinosaurs ... er, uh, #GeneralHospital, the network's last remaining daytime soap.

Like the dinosaurs, daytime soaps will soon be extinct.

• I have nothing against soaps. Used to watch #GeneralHospital. But they're like any other show - low ratings+high costs=cancellation.

And yet ask the remaining soap fans and they'll tell you cancellations are some sort of plot.

• First question for #GeneralHospital - would they take Genie Francis back? Answer: We're set without her.

Really? You do get that Luke and Laura were hot 30 years ago, right?

• Tony Geary acknowledges that #GeneralHospital was on "death row."

It's gotten a reprieve, but its days still seem numbered.

• Critics wondering if Utah native #TonyGeary's pants are mustard-colored or gold. It's what we do.

• #TonyGeary pants update. One critic is describing them as yellow.

• From my friend Mary McNamara: @ScottDPierce mustard. #AnthonyGearyPants #GH

I thought they were mustard, too. But I'm sort of color blind. Color blind or not, those pants made some sort of bright statement.

• From my friend Todd VanDerWerff: If I could look like Anthony Geary in 30 years, I would be a much happier, much more terrifying man.

Whether Geary is happy, I don't know. But he does look sort of terrifying.

• Who watches #GeneralHospital? "Anybody who works at night, like a hooker," Tony Geary sez. "I'm very big with hookers."


• Steve Burton sez that in 1991, #GeneralHospital shots 21 scenes a day. Yesterday, they shot 78 scenes. Wow.

• Should be pointed out that #GeneralHospital producer also makes the point that scenes are shorter than they were in 1991.

Still, things are moving fast.

• Just left set of #Revenge. Love that show! Big things coming this season.

OMG, the set of the Grayson house is cool! And I had a great time interview cast members and the producer.

• Great to hear #Revenge creator/producer Mike Kelley say he wants people to remember it's a TV show and have fun.

I wish more people who make TV - and more TV critics - would remember that. This is supposed to be fun.

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