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A 12-foot python spent more than 24 hours wedged in Richfield's sewer after it got away from its owner during a visit to a neighborhood park.

The snake's owner had taken the 45-pound, bright yellow python to Rotary Park on Friday evening to spend time outdoors and play in the grass — a typical outing for the man's multiple pet snakes, said Sgt. Russ Horton. The snake apparently found a 4-inch sewer clean-out pipe that was missing a cap and disappeared down it about 6 p.m., Horton said.

The owner borrowed a manhole cover remover from the city and checked several points in the sewer system on Richfield's west side, Horton said. Finally, he hired a plumber to send metal drain tape down the uncapped pipe. The plumber could feel the snake moving inside the pipe, Horton said.

The owner dug a hole to the pipe's other end and cut into the pipe to retrieve the snake, which was greeted with hugs from friends and neighbors, Horton said.

"It's friendly," Horton said.

The man repaired the pipe and filled the hole at the park, near 800 S. 1000 West.

Richfield does not have ordinances regulating snake ownership, and the snake's disappearance is not being investigated further.

"We were all just glad that he got it out alive," Horton said.

Erin Alberty

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