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According to Charles Ashcraft in "It's about bigotry" (Forum Aug. 8), people who do not believe in gay marriage are "bigots who want to impose traditional, so-called, biblical marriage on the entire nation."

Does he feel those who will not let the Ten Commandments, nativities and crosses be placed on public land are bigots? Are those symbols really hurting anyone? How about a moment of silence in school where individuals are free to pray on their own?

Christianity is under attack in this country, and liberals feel that everyone must see things their way or we are bigots, racists or worse and need to be silenced.

This is a free country and people should be free to worship and or believe the way they see fit. If that includes being for marriage only between one man and one women, then that is their right, just as others can believe that gays should be able to marry.

States should decide about gay marriage by majority vote, and not be overturned by gay or liberal activist judges.

Patricia Sorensen

Salt Lake City

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