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Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is disputing a report that former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt is attempting to stack the Romney transition team with his own Mormon and business cronies.

The Daily Caller, citing anonymous sources, said some officials in Romney's Boston headquarters were concerned that Leavitt, who is heading the campaign's plans should Romney win the White House, was "trying to preemptively populate a future Romney administration with personal loyalists," including those from a so-called Mormon mafia.

But Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said the story is complete bunk.

"This is simply uniformed gossip from anonymous sources," Saul told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Romney son rallies Utahns, blasts Obama • Josh Romney, the middle son of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, told Utah Republicans in Tampa on Monday that he foresees a Romney administration next year that will revive the economy and set America on a better path.

The younger Romney, who is an elected delegate from Utah, dropped by a morning breakfast for the state's Republicans in town for their national convention, telling the crowd over omelets that this November is a critical election. And he lobbed a few salvos at President Barack Obama.

Noting that while President Ronald Reagan also inherited a downtrodden economy, Josh Romney said that Reagan didn't spend the next four years attributing all the woes to Jimmy Carter.

"He didn't look back and blame Jimmy Carter," Josh Romney said. "He created an economy that was robust and strong, that created millions of jobs every month. He really brought this country together. That's really the real tragedy of the Obama presidency is that he didn't do that."

Josh Romney said that he's met plenty of voters on the campaign trail who said they voted for Obama in 2008, "but weren't going to make that mistake again."

"I feel really good about the prospects," Josh Romney said of his dad's chances. "I can just feel the energy. That same thing President Obama had four years ago, we've got it now."

Wednesday's schedule •

— Texas senate candidate Ted Cruz speaks to the Utah delegation

— Rep. Jason Chaffetz addresses the convention on stage

— Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love speaks at the convention

— Ann Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speak

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