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The Tribune's endorsement of Rep. Rob Bishop for the 1st Congressional District is confusing ("Rob Bishop: Insider can have clout in Capital," Our View, Sept. 2). You wrote that Donna McAleer is best-qualified, except that Bishop has seniority in a Republican-controlled House.

McAleer's qualifications — military and business experience, athlete, health care advocate, community volunteer and author — are a permanent part of her resume. Bishop doesn't have any of those in his resume, and he probably never will.

No matter how much The Trib or anyone else supports Bishop now, his seniority will expire some day, and someone else will begin to build theirs. The sooner McAleer starts to accumulate her seniority, the better for Utah's 1st District and the United States.

The editorial's argument that Bishop's "experience and understanding … can be put to good use for residents of his district" is a conditional statement. His record is using his influence to benefit high-paying campaign contributors opposed to many of his constituents' desires: EnergySolutions, anti-wilderness, etc.

McAleer will support Hill Air base as strongly as Bishop has, and that's the best thing he has done for his constituents.

Dale Nelson

Salt Lake City

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