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The Tribune endorsement of Rep. Rob Bishop had some nice things to say about his opponent Donna McAleer ("Rob Bishop: Insider can have clout in Capital," Our View, Sept. 2). It failed to mention that she is a West Point graduate and president of her class. Quite an oversight.

While on my last operation in Vietnam, my commanding officer was a West Point graduate. His integrity and devotion made him an outstanding leader.

He died in my arms under enemy fire. It was because of his devotion to duty and integrity that he was killed. He could've been in the rear, not in harm's way but, because of the leadership skills he learned at West Point, he was out front, leading.

McAleer has the same leadership skills. I don't claim to be an expert, but I have had some experience working with leaders. McAleer would do Utah well back in Washington.

If The Tribune feels that having an insider representing our state is the best qualification for office, I disagree.

Nick Velis


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