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"The Trib's "Editorial Board" are a bunch of conservative tools who, apparently, think their readers are a bunch of mindless boobs."

— xposit

commenting on the Sept. 2 Tribune editorial endorsing Rep. Rob Bishop for re-election.

"Hope China is celebrating all of our jobs."

— stink

commenting on the Sept. 3 Tribune editorial, "Labor Day: More than a three-day weekend"

"There is a Heaven for those like Brian who served the least of us so courageously and well."

— 1winndy2

commenting on the Sept. 4 article, "Brian Barnard, civil rights attorney, has died"

"All marriages are civil unions, a contract with the state. The only differences are who officiates over the unions."

— FormerAF

commenting on the Sept. 5 Tribune editorial, "Civil unions for all: Gay couples should have equal rights"

"But the plan is working. People without insurance will soon start to die off. Isn't that the whole idea behind GOP health care plans?"

— A_frightened_American

commenting on the Sept. 4 Tribune editorial, "Utah uninsured: State health plan is not working"

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