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As I listened to KSL radio's coverage of the Republican National Convention last week, I was amazed at its lack of anything critical of Republican candidates or the proceedings. So this week I tuned in to see if it would cover the Democratic National Convention the same way. Sadly, this has not been the case.

During Wednesday's coverage, while interviewing Donna McAleer, Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District, Doug Wright was quite critical of the Democratic platform, focusing on topics meant to shock rather than inform. I didn't hear Wright challenge any Republican candidate about their controversial platform.

KSL hosts of other shows that aren't even political also made critical commentary. One host of "The Browser" inserted commentary critical of the economic prosperity during the Clinton administration. He said that the prosperity actually resulted with President Bill Clinton passing on a recession to President George W. Bush. Yet I didn't hear a single statement during KSL's coverage critical of the economic disaster Bush clearly handed to President Barack Obama.

It's disappointing that KSL can't temper its large media power with objective journalism.

Aaron Cloward


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