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Re "State board OKs Lake Powell pipeline funding bill" (Tribune, Sept. 19):

Rep. Michael Noel, R-Kanab, pushes for the construction of the Lake Powell pipeline to bring water to St. George. He argues that if Utah doesn't grab its contractual share of that water, it may be lost forever to downstream states. Then hear this: "We may, in fact, see water reduction in the state of Utah because of climate change."

I thought climate change was a hoax, especially among conservatives. Almost all Republicans in Utah and the nation see denial of climate change as a badge of honor. Who are those scientists, anyway, to presume they know more than we do?

But when it comes to pushing through a totally wasteful project with scarce taxpayer dollars, well, climate change may actually happen. Noel is just another flip-flopper who says whatever it takes to get money for pet projects and his backers or to get re-elected.

Thomas Fritz


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