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While most of Utah County is in Rep. Jason Chaffetz' 3rd Congressional District, the county's Republican brain trust recently sent $10,000 from its campaign treasure chest to be laundered through the state party and go to help Mia Love in her race against Democrat Jim Matheson in the 4th District.

The Utah County Republican Central Committee recently voted to donate $10,000 to the State Republican Party, which has taken over much of the Love campaign after concerns that it was in disarray during the summer.

The state party then will use a like amount of money in what Chairman Thomas Wright calls "uncoordinated expenditures" to distribute mailers and engage in other campaign activity in the 4th District to help Love.

The bottom line is that the county party cannot contribute directly to Love's federal campaign because its fund was partially built from PACs and corporations that are barred from contributing to federal campaigns.

By sending the money to the state party, however, officials can use the contributions for party activities and state and local candidates, then draw from its federal reserve to help Love.

"The [$10,000 from Utah County] will help free up our federal dollars for the uncoordinated expenditures in the 4th District," said Wright.

One Utah County Central Committee member has no problem with the county's indirect donation to Love, but she says she is somewhat disgusted because the party did not do that two years ago for Matheson challenger Morgan Philpot.

"We do seem to pick our favorites," she said, noting Utah County is really spreading the love this year, donating $1,000 each to three legislative candidates in Salt Lake County.

Bribing for enrollment • Quail Run Primary School, a public charter school in Pleasant Grove, is apparently so desperate to boost enrollment it resorted to bribing students to get their friends to enroll.

The school's Facebook page during September announced prizes for students who refer friends to the school who end up enrolling for the 2012-13 year.

"For every student you refer that enrolls as an on-site student between Sept. 1 and Sept. 28, both you and your newly enrolled friend can choose a reward: Free busing, $100 or an iPod Touch."

Looking at Quail Run's Web page, it looks like a cool school with a host of innovative learning techniques.

So why is Quail Run struggling with enrollment? Here is a guess:

It touts itself as an environmentally responsible school, so it does what it can to conserve energy and be green. And it's in the middle of Utah County, if you get the drift.

Presidents and prophets • The Salt Lake Tribune reported recently that former President Bill Clinton once considered joining the Mormon church.

Clinton confided to BuzzFeed reporters that Mormon missionaries visited him in his youth in Arkansas and he was impressed with their message. But, he said, he couldn't get over the idea that his loved ones couldn't be with him in heaven if they didn't also join, so he backed off.

My speculation: Clinton backed away when he found out the Mormons no longer practice polygamy.

Now you see it … • Residents in the area of 2300 East and 2100 South, just east of Sugar House, noticed about 20 campaign yard signs mysteriously disappeared during the past week.

Curiously, most of the kidnapped signs have been for Democrats Peter Cooke for governor and Scott Howell for Senate.

Could it be the tooth fairy has a cousin — the yard-sign fairy — who is a Republican and doesn't leave money for its bounty?

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