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Dustin Yearby (vocals), Natasha Sebring (bass), Shaun Sparks (drums) and Terrence Warburton (guitar) are Dead Bod, a new local rock quartet clearly inspired by not only the Ramones and Henry Rollins, but also a determination to not take themselves too seriously.

"The band came together several months ago," said Yearby. "I was bored one Saturday so I made a call to some of my fellow working stiffs who I thought might want to blow off some steam. And I'm one lucky guy, because not only are they incredibly smart and funny, they're also great musicians — but most importantly great friends."

The foursome made their debut at the Salt Lake City dive bar Willie's Lounge in late April, and whether they have intended to or not, they have been attracting buzz.

Warburton answered e-mail questions posed by The Tribune to talk about the band's creation, what amuses them and whether seeing ghosts necessitates a belief in ghosts.How did the band start?Dead Bod was discovered in the foothills by a group of hikers.Do you consider yourself part of a "scene"?We have friends who play music. We have friends who like music. We have friends who hate music. We have enemies who play music. We have enemies who like music. We have enemies who hate music.Do you have a pretentious or non-pretentious label for what music you play?Welcome back to America.You are fairly new. How can people find your music?By tripping over it in the foothills.Do you believe in ghosts or UFO's? The space where we practice is reportedly haunted. I have been a bit shaken up a time or two, for sure. I've seen some shadows dart across dimly lit hallways more times then I care to mention. No, I absolutely do notbelieve in ghosts. UFO's, no dice.Why is Dead Bod a good creative outlet for you?Being an adult is complicated. Do you have any albums or upcoming shows?We cut some songs recently, possibly a 45 coming soonish. That reminds me — I need to return some calls.What musical and comedic inspirations do you have?Music: I'm not sure how to answer. I'm gonna' say Steely Dan.Comedy: Gary the Squirrel. Oh yeah, Jim Morrison's poetry is always good for a laugh.

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