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There have been plenty of Mormons on plenty of reality TV shows in recent years, so maybe it makes sense for a reality show about Mormons.

But a reality show about Mormon missionaries?

It probably won't surprise you to learn that just such a show, The District, is on BYUtv on Sunday, 6:30 p.m. I haven't seen it yet, but here is BYUtv's description:

"In this unscripted, actor-less documentary series, viewers will meet eight young men and women who serve LDS missions in San Diego, California, as well as the diverse characters they come across each day - from hospitable investigators to hostile passersby."

I'm reserving judgment until I actually do get a chance to see it.

Friday on TV ...

Women's college soccer (2 p.m., P12N-Mountain): Stanford at Utah

High school football (5 p.m., Ch. 2.2): Jordan at Cottonwood

Baseball playoffs: National League wild card game - St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves (3 p.m., TBS); American League wild card game - Baltimore Orioles at Texas Rangers (6:30 p.m., TBS)

CSI: NY (7 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): An arsonist is on the loose.

Made In Jersey (8 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): Martina is convinced that her client - who pleaded guilty to manslaughter - is innocent.

Grimm (8 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5): Angelina comes to town with bad news.

Fringe (8 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13): The team needs info out of the Harvard lab, which is controlled by the Observers.

Haven (8 and 10 p.m., Syfy): A Boston cop comes to town to investigate a murder.

College football (8:15 p.m., ESPN): Utah State at BYU

Women's college volleyball (8:30 p.m., P12N-Mountain): Washington at Utah

Blue Bloods (9 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): Linda returns to work.

Boss (10 p.m., Starz): Kane s forced into an alliance with an enemy on the city council.

Saturday on TV ...

Baseball playoffs: Oakland Athletics at Detroit Tigers (4 p.m., TBS); Cincinnati Reds at San Francisco Giants (7:30 p.m. TBS)

Bedlam (7 and 10 p.m., BBC America): A young woman who can see ghosts is looking for Jed.

MLS (7 p.m., NBCSN): Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy

Cowboys vs. Aliens (9 p.m., HBO): Disappointing 2011 Western/sci-fi film. (Rated PG-13)

50/50 (9 p.m., Showtime): Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan star in this winning 2011 comedy/drama. (Rated R)

The New Normal (10 p.m., Ch. 30): David plans to tell his mother about the baby.

The Muppets (10 p.m., Starz): Really entertaining 2011 revival. (Rated PG)

Saturday Night Live (10:30 p.m., Ch. 30): Daniel Craig hosts; Muse performs.

Sunday on TV ...

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs (11 a.m., CBS/Ch. 2); Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts (11 a.m., Fox/Ch. 13); Denver Broncos at New England Patriots (2:15 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2); San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints (6:20 p.m., NBC/Ch. 5)

Baseball playoffs: TBS will telecast games at 1:30, 5 and 8:30 p.m. The schedule will be determined Friday's wildcard games.

60 Minutes (6 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): A report on a Chinese telecom that wants to do business in the USA; a profile of singer/songwriter Rodriguez.

The Amazing Race (7 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): One of the teams makes a risky move.

Once Upon a Time (7 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): Regina tries to regain her powers.

Call the Midwife (7 p.m., PBS/Ch. 7): A newcomer by the name of Chummy struggles to fit in.

The Simpsons (7 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13): It's really early this year, but in "Treehouse of Horror XXIII" Marge makes an unholy pact and Bart travels back in time.

Hell on Wheels (7, 9 and 11 p.m., AMC): Cullen prepares for battle.

Steel Magnolias (7 and 11 p.m., Lifetime): This is exactly the same movie as the 1989 theatrical film, only this time it features an African-American cast. It's very well done, and Queen Latifah is great as M'Lynne, the role Sally Field played 23 years ago.

The Good Wife (8 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): As the firm is undergoing cuts, Will returns to the courtroom and Alicia helps Peter's campaign.

Revenge (8 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): Emily tries to weave her way back into the Graysons' lives.

Masterpiece Classic (8 p.m., PBS/Ch. 7): World War II looms as the second season of "Upstairs, Downstairs" begins.

Copper (8 and 11 p.m., BBC America): Corcoran faces a difficult decision.

The Mentalist (9 p.m., CBS/Ch. 2): A diamond cutter is murdered.

666 Park Avenue (9 p.m., ABC/Ch. 4): Jane makes a terrifying discovery behind the walls of the Drake.

Boardwalk Empire (10 p.m., HBO): Nucky and Owen hide out.

Dexter (10 p.m., Showtime): Deb wants to cure Dexter of being a serial killer.

Treme (11 p.m., HBO): Toni searches for a killer; Everett meets the family of his victim.

Homeland (11 p.m., Showtime): Carrie is in on an operation that could bring down Abu Nazir.

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