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Stock market prediction using natural language processing, patent No. 8,285,619, invented by Frederick S. M. Herz of Warrington, Pa., Lyle H. Ungar of Philadelphia, Pa., Jason M. Eisner of Baltimore, Md., and Walter Paul Labys of Ogden, assigned to Fred Herz Patents LLC of Milton, W.Va.

Synchronized compound archery bow, patent No. 8,281,775, invented by Marlow W. Larson of Ogden, assigned to Larson Archery Co. of Ogden.

Methods of treating subterranean wells using changeable additives, patent No. 8,281,857, invented by Dean Michael Willberg of Salt Lake City, James G. Carlson of Lake Elmo, Minn., Ignatius A. Kadoma of Cottage Grove, Minn., Yong K. Wu of Woodbury, Minn., and Michael D. Crandall of North Oaks, Minn., assigned to 3M Innovative Properties Co. of Saint Paul, Minn.

Expandable tool for an earth-boring system, patent No. 8,281,880, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Scott S. Dahlgren of Alpine, and Jonathan Marshall of Provo.

Jack element for a drill bit, patent No. 8,281,882, invented by David R. Hall of Provo, Francis E. Leany of Salem, Joe Fox of Spanish Fork, and Tyson J. Wilde of Spanish Fork, assigned to Schlumberger Technology Corp. of Houston, Texas.

Systems and methods for organizing and priming an IV administration set, patent No. 8,282,046, invented by Weston F. Harding of Lehi, and Bryan G. Davis of Sandy, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Delayed coker isolation valve systems, patent No. 8,282,074, invented by Ruben F. Lah of West Jordan, and Gary Larsen of West Jordan, assigned to Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corp. of Falls Church, Va.

Self-priming intravenous delivery system, patent No. 8,282,608, invented by Tom M. Miner of Alpine, and Bryan G. Davis of Sandy, assigned to Becton, Dickinson and Co. of Franklin Lakes, N.J.

Orthopedic external fixator and method of use, patent No. 8,282,636, invented by Virak Tan of Murray Hill, N.J., assigned to IMDS Corp. of Logan.

Methods of forming a sensitized explosive and a percussion primer, patent No. 8,282,751, invented by Harold E. Johnston of Brigham City, Kirstin F. Warner of King George, Va., Reed J. Blau of Richmond, and Scott K. Lusk of Clarkston, assigned to Alliant Techsystems Inc. of Arlington, Va.

Automated composite annular structure forming, patent No. 8,282,757, invented by Christopher J. Madsen of Ogden, Eric McNabb of Syracuse, John Schowengerdt of Salt Lake City, John B. Healey of South Weber, Todd Rosevear of Taylorsville, and Kevin Fehlmann of Centerville, assigned to Alliant Techsystems Inc. of Minneapolis, Minn.

Photoresist processing methods, patent No. 8,283,112, invented by Kevin J. Torek of Meridian, Idaho, Todd R. Abbott of Highland, Sandra Tagg of Boise, Idaho, and Amy Weatherly of Boise, Idaho, assigned to Micron Technology Inc. of Boise, Idaho.

System and method for increasing polymer/nanopore interactions, patent No. 8,283,157, invented by Andrew D. Hibbs of La Jolla, Calif., Geoffrey Alden Barrall of San Diego, Calif., Eric N. Ervin of Park City, and Daniel K. Lathrop of San Diego, Calif., assigned to Electronics Biosciences Inc. of San Diego, Calif.

Forming resin substrates using dye sublimation and substrates formed using the same, patent No. 8,283,290, invented by Wendy E. K. Langan of Harrisburg, Pa., John E. C. Willham of Sandy, and Brent M. Burningham of Kaysville, assigned to 3form Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Adhesive complex coacervates and methods of making and using thereof, patent No. 8,283,384, invented by Russell J. Stewart of Salt Lake City, and Hui Shao of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Systems and methods for providing a thermoplastic product that includes packaging therefor, patent No. 8,283,409, invented by Michael P. Guymon of Ogden, Ted E. Maxwell of Centerville, and Ken W. Maxwell of Sandy, assigned to Maxwell Products Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Magnetoresistance sensors for position and orientation determination, patent No. 8,283,921, invented by William H. Huber of Scotia, N.Y., and Vernon Thomas Jensen of Draper, assigned to General Electric Co. of Schenectady, N.Y.

Method and system for auditory recognition biometrics on a FOB, patent No. 8,284,025, invented by Blayn W. Beenau of Peoria, Ariz., David S. Bonalle of New Rochelle, N.Y., Seth W. Fields of Taylorsville, William J. Gray of Salt Lake City, Carl Larkin of West Sussix, United Kingdom, Joshua L. Montgomery of Orem, and Peter D. Saunders of Salt Lake City, assigned to Xatra Fund MX LLC of Wilmington, Del.

Method of detecting and tracking multiple objects on a touchpad using a data collection algorithm that only detects an outer edge of the objects and then assumes that the outer edges define a single large object, patent No. 8,284,166, invented by David Taylor of West Jordan, Paul Vincent of Fruit Heights, Jared C. Hill of Fruit Heights, and Richard D. Woolley of Orem, assigned to Cirque Corp. of Salt Lake City.

Measuring received signal strength on neighboring frequencies of a channel with interference in a wireless device, patent No. 8,284,817, invented by Paul J. Husted of San Jose, Calif., Praveen Dua of Cupertino, Calif., and Douglas J. Kogan of Sandy, assigned to QUALCOMM Atheros Inc. of San Jose, Calif.

Adaptive call monitoring, patent No. 8,284,913, invented by Gregory J. Boss of American Fork, Barry M. Graham of Silver Springs, Md., Rick A. Hamilton, II of Charlottesville, Va., and Timothy M. Waters of Hiram, Ga., assigned to International Business Machines Corp. of Armonk, N.Y.

Techniques for data encryption and decryption, patent No. 8,284,938, invented by Karthik Chandrasekaran of Bangalore, India, assigned to Novell Inc. of Provo.

Multichannel acoustic echo cancellation system and method, patent No. 8,284,949, invented by Behrouz Farhang of Salt Lake City, and Harsha I. K. Rao of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Catheter with deflectable imaging device, patent No. 8,285,362, invented by Dennis R. Dietz of Littleton, Colo., Paul N. Latulippe of Chino Valley, Ariz., David J. Messick of Flagstaff, Ariz., Craig T. Nordhausen of Parker, Colo., Clyde G. Oakley of Centennial, Colo., Ryan C. Patterson of Farmington, and Jim H. Polenske of Bellemont, Ariz., assigned to W. L. Gore & Associates Inc. of Newark, Del.

Methods and systems for treating ventricular arrhythmias, patent No. 8,285,374, invented by Mohamed Hussein Hamdan of Salt Lake City, assigned to University of Utah Research Foundation of Salt Lake City.

Techniques for establishing a file system that exposes a virtual file system for backup operations, patent No. 8,285,682, invented by Dhairesh Oza of Bangalore, India, assigned to Novell Inc of Provo.

Policy configuration and simulation, patent No. 8,285,822, invented by Chandrashekar K. of Bangalore, India, assigned to Novell Inc. of Provo.

Method and system for managing network resources based on a dynamic quorum, patent No. 8,285,825, invented by Shishir Nagaraj of Bangalore, India, Nataraj Sirisilla of Yousufguda, India, and Honnuduke S. Madhusudhana of Bangalore, India, assigned to Novell Inc. of Provo.

Apparatus, system, and method for solid-state storage as cache for high-capacity, non-volatile storage, patent No. 8,285,927, invented by David Flynn of Sandy, John Strasser of Syracuse, Jonathan Thatcher of Liberty Lake, Wash., and Michael Zappe of Wheat Ridge, Colo., assigned to Fusion-io Inc. of Salt Lake City.

Techniques for dynamic generation and management of password dictionaries, patent No. 8,286,000, invented by Srinivas Vedula of Orem, and Cameron Craig Morris of Saratoga Springs, assigned to Novell Inc. of Provo.

Systems and methods for displaying and visualizing information, patent No. 8,286,090, invented by Terry Gene Ballard of Kaysville, Thomas David Burton of Salt Lake City, and William Murray Stoval of Draper, assigned to General Electric Co. of Schenectady, N.Y.

System and method for transparent cloud access, patent No. 8,286,232, invented by Stephen R. Carter of Spanish Fork, Carolyn Bennion McClain of Springville, Jared Patrick Allen of Sandy, Dale Robert Olds of Draper, Lloyd Leon Burch of Payson, and Jaimon Jose of Bangalore, India, assigned to Novell Inc. of Provo.

Convertible pants, patent No. D668,433, invented by Kevin Boyle of Park City, assigned to Alf Wear of Murray.

Table top, patent No. D668,483, invented by Joel Bennett of Clinton, assigned to Lifetime Products Inc. of Clearfield.

Personal scoring tool, patent No. D668,560, invented by Eric Hales of Eagle Mountain, and Markus Long of Eagle Mountain, assigned to Stampin' Up! Inc. of Riverton.


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