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If the comic-book geeks can somehow manage to watch Arrow (Wednesday, 7 p.m., CW/Ch. 30) without trying to pick it apart, they might actually enjoy it.

If you've never read a Green Arrow comic book, you might like "Arrow" even more.

This drama revolves around Oliver Queen (hunky Stephen Arnell), a megarich young man who was presumed dead in a shipwreck. He returns a much different man after five years - he's superfit and he can shoot arrows like nobody's business; he's an enigma to his mother, sister and ex-girlfriend; and he's a vigilante out to fight the forces of evil and make Starling City a great place to live. It's all sort of dark and mysterious, which works better than the brief attempts at comedy.

But, overall, the show works surprisingly well. This could actually be a superhero shows that works.

Comic-book fans, I'm begging you. Don't nitpick "Arrow" to death. No, it's not exactly like the comic books. Because it's a TV series. Not a comic book.

Get over yourselves. Relax. Enjoy.

You can't take "Arrow" too seriously. It's supposed to be fun.

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