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With an offense that continues to sputter, Utah offensive coordinator Brian Johnson is probably feeling his share of pressure as the Utes get ready for UCLA on Saturday. But the guy who probably has the most riding on this game is passing coordinator Aaron Roderick. Roderick recruited two guys the Utes say they need to get more involved in the offense, quarterback Travis Wilson and receiver Kenneth Scott. Roderick has been consistently positive about both players and the way they've practiced since fall camp started. That isn't much of a surprise since he recruited them, but now, with the Utes in need of some offensive explosiveness, if these two players come through for the Utes, it will be a compliment to Roderick's recruiting and maybe some of his game-planning. Under normal circumstances such a boost wouldn't be a big deal, but don't forget that Roderick was passed over for the offensive coordinator's position. If his guys perform well, it will give him a reason to thump his chest a bit. Course the big question now is how much will Wilson play? Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said the 'flow of the game,' will dictate how much Wilson gets in, but then he offered how well Wilson practiced with the starters. My hunch is the Utes won't waste too much time and will try to get him in the game early. The first quarter hasn't been very kind to the Utes, they've been outscored 41-21 in the quarter even with the defense's help that led to two early touchdowns against USC. The Utes have to get going early and perhaps Wilson will give the offense the boost the Utes need. - Lya Wodraska

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