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In "SkiLink boon to traffic" (Forum, Oct. 14), Peter Black refers poetically to "the long line of red snake eyes from car taillights wending home after a long day of skiing" in Big Cottonwood Canyon, and he asks, "What if skiers from Park City left their cars there and took a gondola?"

Easy answer: not much. Most of those cars descending the Cottonwood canyons are from the Salt Lake Valley, not Park City.

As to the attraction of the gondola alternative: Few Park City skiers would want to ride five lifts at Canyons — up and back — just to access one resort on the other side of the mountains. The long day of skiing would become a long day of lift-riding and a short day of skiing, after purchasing of two lift passes.

Black is right about one thing: "SkiLink is not the silver bullet that will solve all transportation problems." Nope. It's more like a lead slug.

Jan Harold Brunvand

Salt Lake City

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