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Trump and son struggle with Russian amnesia, critics say. Lee isn't sure whether he can back new GOP health care bill. Counties are stuck with tab for special election.

Happy Friday. President Donald Trump and his namesake son appear to suffer from a bit of Russian amnesia, forgetting certain facts and context about the set of events last year during the 2016 presidential election, critics say. The defense of Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer doesn't seem to match with reality. [<a href="">Politico</a>]

<strong>Topping the news: </strong>Although the revised version of the Senate health care bill includes several of Sen. Mike Lee's proposed changes, he said he still isn't sure if he'll vote for it. [<a href="">Trib</a>] [<a href="">DNews</a>]

-> Among all the Trump Administration nominees, there's one that could especially impact the FLDS church.  [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Counties in the 3rd Congressional District are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on the special election to replace former Rep. Jason Chaffetz. [<a href="">DNews</a>]

<strong>Tweets of the day: </strong>From @<a href="">byrdinator</a>: "I asked an aide to a Republican senator who's undecided on the health care bill how things are going with making a decision. 'Ugh.'"

-> From @<a href="">StephenAtHome</a>: "Donald Trump was excited for a Croque Madame until he found out it was NOT French for 'Crooked Hillary' #SandWichHunt"

-> From @<a href="">ianbremmer</a>: "Trump: 'Lots of people would take meeting w Russian govt to help w election.' Lots of people bought Nickelback albums. Doesn't make it right


<strong>Happy Birthday: </strong>On Friday to state Rep. Keith Grover, on Saturday to Rep. Chris Stewart and on Sunday to state Rep. Merrill Nelson, former Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon and Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen.

<strong>Behind the Headlines: </strong>Tribune reporters Courtney Tanner and Benjamin Wood, Washington Bureau Chief Thomas Burr and columnist Robert Gehrke join KCPW's Roger McDonough to talk about the week's top stories, including health care and Utah's 3rd congressional district race. Listen at or tune in to KCPW 88.3 FM or Utah Public Radio at<span class="m_1812771993593670470Apple-converted-space"> </span><span class="m_1812771993593670470aBn"><span class="m_1812771993593670470aQJ"><span class="aBn"><span class="aQJ">9 a.m.</span></span></span></span><span class="m_1812771993593670470Apple-converted-space"> </span>for the broadcast.

<strong>In other news:</strong> Garfield County Commissioner Leland Pollack is requesting to meet with U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to discuss best practices for preventing catastrophic wildfires like the one at Brian Head. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> An ad attacking Utah's new DUI law by saying that senior citizens are more dangerous on the road than drivers under the influence of alcohol offended Utah politicians. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> A representative from the Libertarian think tank the Reason Foundation told a legislative task force that Utah's gas tax will no longer be sustainable by 2030. [<a href="—a-rock-star-playing-final-concert.html">DNews</a>]

-> According to a State School Board member, replacing Utah's controversial Common Core plan would cost $100 million. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> After public outcry, Salt Lake City decided to scrap plans to reduce the lanes on 2100 South. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Pat Bagley depicts Utah's famous snowflakes. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

-> Paul Rolly explains how Utah politicians enable the state's pollution problem. [<a href="">Trib</a>]

<strong>Nationally:</strong> The Senate's revised health care bill is in jeopardy after two GOP senators vowed to vote against it. [<a href="">NYTimes</a>] [<a href="">WaPost</a>] [<a href="">Politico</a>]

-> The CBO's analysis of President Donald Trump's budget found the plan wouldn't reduce the deficit by as much as promised. [<a href="">NYTimes</a>] [<a href="">WaPost</a>] [<a href="'s-budget-doesn't-balance-federal-ledger">AP</a>]

<strong>Where are they?</strong>


<li>Rep. Chris <strong><a href=""; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Stewart</a></strong> meets with FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and later with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.</li>

<li>Rep. Mia <a href=""; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>Love</strong></a> participates in a legislative staff meeting, speaks at a SITLA public lands hearing for the Federal Lands Subcommittee, votes, then returns to Utah.</li>

<li>Gov. Gary <strong><a href=""; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Herbert</a></strong> attends National Governors Association meetings.</li>

<li>Lt. Gov. Spencer <strong><a href=""; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Cox</a></strong> has a cameo role in Shakespeare in Love.</li>

<li>State Auditor John <strong><a href=""; target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Dougall</a> </strong>guest co-hosts the "Beg to Differ" podcast with Bryan Schott and spends time in his office researching and reviewing reports.</li>


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— Thomas Burr  and Emily Anderson

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