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"The real tragedy is no matter who ends up winning the election they will end up so battered and bruised with their reputation destroyed, future people of good heart and character will take one look at the election process and will not even consider putting their families through it."

— tck62

commenting on the Oct. 16 Tribune editorial, "Talking money: Negative TV ads swamp campaign"

"Religion is only relevant to those that wish to maintain control of the gullible masses."

— Tinycommandorobot

commenting on the Oct. 13 State of the Debate blog post, "Religion out; civil society in ..."

"Au contraire. I am religious and have no interest whatsoever in converting anyone to my thinking."

— lamecrow

commenting on the above comment

"For Obama, the buck stops — over there."

— packsoldier

commenting on the Oct. 16 article, "Hillary Clinton: I'm responsible for consulate security"

"Will they be required to have a Zion Curtain so children can't see donuts being made?"

— Guy Incognito

commenting on the Oct. 18 article, "Dunkin' Donuts is coming to Salt Lake City"

"The fix is in Utah. They could not keep the records secret by passing a law, so they are just going to stack the committee to get the same result. Why oh why do we keep voting for these guys?

— raffle

commenting on the Oct. 17 Tribune editorial, "Holly in a hurry: Nominee should face a hearing"

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