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Romney makes play for Pennsylvania. Obama to tour NJ with Christie. Just 6 days until Election Day.

Happy Halloween and happy Wednesday. Mitt Romney holds three rallies in Florida today resuming his campaign schedule in the aftermath of the superstorm, while President Barack Obama is on his way to New Jersey to tour the devastation with GOP Gov. Chris Christie. [StarLedger] [FoxNews]

-> Romney sought to stay in the headlines with his "storm relief rallies." [Politico] [WaPost] And he defended his position last year that he would jettison Federal Emergency Management Agency and give the money to the states. [CSMonitor]

-> The disaster gives Obama a commander in chief moment that may boost his campaign. [WaPost]

Topping the news: Romney buys ads in Pennsylvania, a move his staff heralds as a sign of his broadening appeal, while Obama's team calls it a desperate attempt to expand the Electoral map. [Inquirer]

-> The Rep. Jim Matheson-Mia Love race passes the $10 million mark making it the most expensive House race in Utah history. And Romney cuts a TV ad supporting Love. [Trib]

-> Love supporters set social media on fire last night after tweeting out a Matheson "memo" that turned out to be fake. Several who started the circulation of the memo apologized publicly. [DNews]

Tweets of the day: From @GovChristie: "I don't give a damn about Election Day after what has happened here. I am worried about the people of New Jersey. #Sandy"

From @WhitlockJason: "The only blessing in Hurricane Sandy is it made the cable news networks quit overanalyzing the latest poll. Polls, polls, polls! #sickofit"

Happy birthday: to state Sen. Aaron Osmond.

In other news: Democrat Ben McAdams has raised and spent twice as much as Republican Mark Crockett in their race for Salt Lake County mayor. [Trib]

-> A dozen state legislative races are competitive, at least financially, including a House contest in Holladay where the Republican challenger even bought some TV ads. [Trib]

-> If elections turn out as some insiders predict, though, Utah Democrats could have their lowest numbers in the Legislature in years and could struggle to have enough members to staff committees. [UtahPolicy]

-> 2nd Congressional District rivals, Chris Stewart and Jay Seegmiller, debated cutting the deficit, with Stewart pointing out that he is a rare Republican who didn't sign a no-tax increase pledge. [Trib]

-> Utahns received 6 a.m. robocalls from Scott Howell's Senate campaign, a mix up with a New York firm that evacuated their posts because of Hurricane Sandy. [DNews]

-> The consumer confidence of Utahns hits a record high. [Trib] [DNews]

-> There's a big property tax disparity between a neighborhood in West Valley City (the highest) and one in Wayne County (the state's lowest). [Trib]

-> Former Taylorsville City Councilman Bud Catlin passed away. [Trib]

-> A peek inside a minority within a minority - Mormon liberals. [USAToday]

-> Paul Rolly reports on a French teacher quitting after getting belittled when she questioned the structure of a dual-immersion program. [Trib]

-> A Democratic state Senate candidate gets thrown off the ballot for failing to file his campaign disclosure reports. [Trib]

-> A barcode screwup is slowing the counting of absentee ballots in Utah County. [DNews]

-> Millard County is leading a renewed charge against a proposed Snake Valley water sharing agreement with Nevada. [DNews]

-> The Utah Supreme Court rejected a Sierra Club argument and won't stop a coal strip mine near Bryce Canyon National Park. [Trib] [DNews]

-> Utah's teachers union is weak compared to those throughout the country. [Trib]

-> Granite school board candidate not stopped by sex abuse conviction. [Trib]

-> Pat Bagley offers his take on climate change skepticism after the superstorm. [Trib]

The race for 270: The latest Electoral College predictions:FiveThirtyEight: Obama 299, Romney 239.Pollster: Obama 253, Romney 206.RealClearPolitics: Obama 294, Romney 244.

2012 watch: Whatever happened to Barack Obama, the master storyteller? [NYTimes]

-> Publicity hound Donald Trump says he will extend his deadline for Obama to turn over his college transcripts because of the superstorm. [Politico]

-> Social media has changed the way the traveling press corps covers presidential contests and has given them a new way to influence the narrative. [WaPost]

-> The campaigns are using plenty of personal data and computer algorithms to figure out which swing voters they may be able to nudge their way. [DenverPost]

-> Romney initially had misgivings about one of his career successes, the creation of Staples. [Globe]

-> Romney will hold his final victory rally on Election Day Eve in the state where he launched his bid: New Hampshire. [ABCNews]

-> The latest NYTimes/CBS News poll, like most nationwide polls, show a tight presidential contest. This one has Obama up 48 percent to 47 percent. [NYTimes]

Where are they?

Utah Governor Gary Herbert leads a budget discussion, meets with Envision Utah, receives a healthcare briefing and then an update on higher education.

SL Co. Mayor Peter Corroon hits the Salt Lake Chamber international committee meeting and then the Envision Utah Common Good Awards.

SLC Mayor Ralph Becker joins a conference call from the Center for State and Local Government Excellence, receives a bike share update and attends a meeting of the Salt Lake County Tourist, Recreation, Cultural and Convention advisory board.

WVC Mayor Mike Winder attends a lunch fundraiser for Mia Love attended by House Speaker John Boehner and then judges a city employee costume party.

President Barack Obama will travel to Atlantic City to tour areas damaged in Hurricane Sandy with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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