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"I don't have a billion dollars for a super-PAC, so why does my vote matter?"

— 1winndy2

commenting on the Nov. 6 State of the Debate blog post, "It's Election Day!"

"The LDS church doesn't want educated women because they will start to think for themselves and will question what they are told."

— Broom_Lady

commenting on the Nov. 6 Tribune editorial, "Earning degrees: Women need to complete college"

"The electoral college needs a higher dropout rate."

— utecougar

commenting on the Nov. 6 Washington Post editorial, "The Electoral College"

"There's a lot both Dems and the GOP could learn from Jim Matheson. Trouble is, they won't stop arguing long enough to listen."

— GodsAntiparticle

commenting on the Nov. 7 article, "Matheson ekes out narrow win over Mia Love"

"Romney's concession speech was the best one of the campaign."

— GoUtes_0922

commenting on the Nov. 7 AP/ article, "After defeat, cloudy future ahead for Mitt Romney"

"This is the perfect outcome. The church gets the spotlight but doesn't have to live with the problems of a Mormon in the White House. ... if people thought Romney was making bad decisions, they might blame the church. No decisions to be made, no backsplash."

— AlienRants

commenting on the Nov. 7 article, "'Mormon moment' ends with a loss — but his religion still won"

"If the Republicans would, in general, start caring less about who marries who, who uses birth control and who gets an abortion, then I would be much more open to hearing what they have to say about the economy."

— mormons_are_silly

commenting on the Nov. 6 Bloomberg/ article, "Obama re-elected, defeating Romney in crucial states"

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