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Obama official should apologize for threat — Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial

Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar is a powerful man who answers directly to President Barack Obama. He's a former United States senator and attorney general for our state.

One might expect Salazar to act like a grown-up, if not a seasoned attorney and ranking employee of the president, when politely and professionally interviewed by a reporter. That expectation, it turns out, would be too high. ...

We now return you to your previously announced sex scandal, already in progress:

Dangerous behavior by Petraeus — Deseret News Editorial

The scandal that made CIA Director David Petraeus resign late last week was not, as some have insinuated, just a private affair that ought not to affect his professional life. It was a potentially dangerous lapse in judgment that might have endangered national security, although an FBI investigation apparently concluded no such damage occurred. ...

Petraeus right to resign — Ogden Standard-Examiner Editorial

... the Petraeus incident, and his subsequent resignation, shows what a great country the United States is. It reminds us that no one, regardless of their power, is above the rules. In many other nations, the shenanigans that undid Petraeus would have been hushed. In fact, generations ago, these kinds of sexual misbehaviors were hushed up in the U.S., despite the risk of blackmail. To use a time-weary phrase, we've come a long way. ...

The Petraeus affair — Los Angeles Times Editorial

Unless more damning disclosures arise about CIA Director David Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell, it's hard to fathom why that alone should cost us the services of a brilliant military mind.

Petraeus created his own demise — Colorado Springs Gazette Editorial

Men of honor don't cheat on their wives. Men of integrity don't risk the nation's security while philandering. Gen. David Petraeus has disgraced himself by doing both.

David Petraeus, the spy who is out in the cold — Seattle Times Editorial

A personal tragedy is turning into a broad farce involving top officials apparently with ample extra time for all manner of diversions.

'Petraeus scandal' as a mirror on marriage — Christian Science Monitor Editorial

... The ideal of marriage as a lifelong union to the exclusion of all others has eroded. In 2010, barely half of American adults were married, down from nearly three-quarters of adults a half century ago. The current figure could now be below 50 percent. And a recent study at the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project found that the happiness of marriages for moderately educated Americans has dropped while their divorce rates are up. ...

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