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I am a college senior and plan to graduate this spring. Near the end of my college career, I wonder whether college was worth what I paid.

On my Mormon mission, I learned to speak Spanish more proficiently than I could ever learn in college, and it only cost $10,000. The past four years of college have cost $20,000 in tuition alone.

I feel unprepared to meet the world. Isn't college supposed to prepare me to work and be proficient in something?

I've recently looked on a job board for entry-level positions; most required five years of experience. I hunger for practical instruction. My college doesn't adequately provide it.

For the next 60 years, I will be spending one-third of my time working. Education is a great thing, but I'm sick of classic literature and other useless information. Internships and apprenticeships should be a greater part of a bachelor's degree.

Warren Benson

St. George

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