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The Jazz won the game, but they lost Marvin Williams.

A lot of reasons to be encouraged by the Jazz's win over the Hornets on Wednesday in front of scores of people (New Orleanians? New Orleaners? "noo aw-LEE-nee-ans," says one Twitter follower) at New Orleans Arena.

The remaining thoughts...

• The Jazz lost Marvin Williams when he hit the floor hard with 2:29 remaining in the third quarter. Williams head whipped to the court loudly. Gordon Hayward said he heard it on the Jazz bench on the opposite end of the court. Williams did not talk to the media following the victory and he was still being evaluated by the time the team left for Oklahoma City. Williams sat on a training table in the Jazz locker room, and still looked shaken 30 minutes after the game had ended, and more than an hour since he hit his head. The Jazz say "concussion symptoms," which given the sequence of events precipitating the injury almost certainly means "concussion." Last year the NBA implemented a stringent concussion policy that makes a return to action for Williams by Friday, or even on this road trip, seem unlikely.

• I think we're watching Derrick Favors grow before our eyes. Sorry for the cliche, but I don't know how else to put it. The kid played just 17 minutes, but produced 9 points and 8 rebounds. He created baskets for himself, using previously unseen footwork.

"He's getting sharper and sharper as the games go on," Corbin said. "He's understanding now if you look at the game, when we had he and Enes in there they zoned us a little bit. It was great for him to be able to get to the middle, put the ball on the floor, get to the basket."

• University of Utah offensive coordinator Brian Johnson, with the Utes season recently completed, was among those scores of people who watched the Jazz play. Johnson said he was in the area recruiting. He remains close with Jazz player development staffer Johnnie Bryant, who was a Utes guard when Johnson was the football team's record-breaking quarterback.

• New Orleans isn't quite L.A., but despite the putrid attendance at the arena, the Hornets do have one pretty cool celebrity turn up from time to time. Each time the Jazz have played New Orleans this year, "The Wire" and "Treme" actor Wendell Pierce has been courtside. If you don't know Pierce, there are many good introductions on YouTube, or you could just watch HBO. However, this being a family newspaper and all, I can't share them here. But as a fan of "The Wire" I was fearful we wouldn't get a chance to see Mr. Pierce again this season. He assured me that wouldn't be the case. "We'll see you in the Western Conference Finals," the Hornets' most recognizable (and optimistic) fan said.

— Bill Oram

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